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  1. Does any one have a list what u need to put a bam lump in to a Gti
  2. haha sounds good chears
  3. just put jom coilover on my gti and realised the drive shafft is close and hittin the body/chassie is this a commen thing
  4. fear88


    does any one now if they do a seal kit for the sunroof of a gti
  5. fear88


    has any one got cheap front coilovers for sale for a gti
  6. hi just a quick question my gti seems to be leaking water from the sunroof is this a common fault
  7. ye the relay aparently its a 14 pin my battery is in the boot ive cheked all round tha area and stilln no sign
  8. rad and mine doesnt seem to have aircon. ive had a look but i realy cant se it do i need to take the light out to get it ive looked were the horns are but no sign ive been told its a big 14 pin so it cnt be hard to find
  9. help fan seems to be blowing the 20a fuse everytime it wants to come in ive taken the fan out and tested the fan and its working fine its also getting 11.4v to it the only thing i can think of is the fan relay my gti hasent got air con and ive contacted vw and cheked on auto data to se were the relay is but cant fined it anywere
  10. i now this thread is old but i have the same problem, i cant seem to find the relay anywere on the nearside
  11. does any one have any idea were the fan relay is for on a gti
  12. fear88

    steffan bcw

    il se how much bucks i can get and il let u now
  13. fear88

    steffan bcw

    nice but how much is he asking
  14. ye ive even put a cmshafft censor in it and its still on ive erased the cords 3 times and after about 5 miles it comes back on with the same codes
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