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  1. I’d say you’ve probably been unlucky with your spare headlamp and it’s duff, hence it’s faulty wherever it goes, and the other original one is dicky too. You do put your car through it’s paces so it’s not unlikely that you’ve jangled summat loose. I’d be on the look out for another set of lights. Or a better/cheaper idea would be to find a friendly local-ish gti owner who doesn’t mind lending you theirs for a night or two, you know then that the lamps are sound and can take them out of the equation if the fault persists.
  2. Ok, just so I’ve got this right. Original lights fitted both sides, only one flickers When you switch the lights the one that flickers i.e the offside one, that one still flickers when it’s fitted to the nearside. Switching the bulbs makes no difference to the original headlights. When you put the spare headlight in on either side with either bulb it flashes no matter what. Does that round it up correctly?
  3. Both bulbs flicker in the spare headlamp using both plugs or just in one side?
  4. Is it a full spare headlamp or do you have to put the other bits in it for it to work?
  5. And you said you have a spare headlamp, what happened when that’s fitted?
  6. Oh, could’ve mentioned that! 😂 When you said headlights I assumed it was your headlights. Ok, so start again, one light is flickering, you swapped them over and the flickering one is still flickering? Or the other one is flickering when plugged into the other ones plug?
  7. So it doesn’t affect both headlights??
  8. Yeah definitely get the lines tested, if you were closer I’d check it over for you, have you had it scanned lately?
  9. I’d check the car top to bottom first to make sure he’s not just put in somewhere else. Other than that if you were thinking of taking it to a tyre fitting place to pop your new tyre on then theyll probably have right tool or a spare ‘big enough’ socket to do the job.
  10. It’s gotta be wiring or the module then mate surely, need to really explore the loom, you’d be surprised how some stuff can look fine but be totally knackered.
  11. You don’t do that to a car with the mindset of selling it do you, you don’t modify any car for the thought of resale value, you do it to suit your own taste and what you want to make you smile.
  12. Welcome back, car looks great, I don’t have fb so it’s nice to see the car again.
  13. High temp silicone is still gasket isn’t it? And have you got low voltage faults for the other modules?
  14. There’s gaskets over each compartment when the plug sits, they fail and it allows the oil splash in.
  15. There’s a gasket around the top of the cam carrier which fails and starts letting oil inside the plug chambers, a wet, oily spark plug will struggle to provide a good spark, especially from cold with cold, thick oil around it. The only reason I know this is because it happened on my wife’s one, spent ages cleaning and cleaning the tb, replacing the tb and then noticed the plugs had oil round them.
  16. I’d be tempted to whip out your plugs and see if they’re oily.
  17. Get it scanned for faults, could be cam/crank sensor issues, immobiliser faults etc.
  18. Wiring I’d say. You changed your igniters for new?
  19. Flippin gay minidisc players...
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