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  1. I'm from Elsecar, me & Leebo2014 (AKA Mr Tart ) go to courthouse in Barnsley to catch up every now & then. WE will prob be there on saturday from 8pm onwards, if you want to come & have a natter
  2. Hi All , Is anyone interested in going to Elsecar Mega meet? Any club stands? Is there a pub meet or catch up for Club Lupo members . Be nice to meet members. Thanks
  3. A update on my Arosa...
  4. good point. think i will do this. looks ten times better!!
  5. I'd like to come and be on show, do I go to gate on day and say I'm with 'club lupo'?
  6. Keep me updated due to wanting to go lower myself. Plus a pic of what the mech does
  7. I had to adjust mine up due to hitting flex pipe ..... Scared of leaving exhaust down street!!
  8. My friend had same colour and make. All he did was : Springs (60mm I believe) fancy bulb for headlights Sprayed interior roof black If you go on my picture thread, his is on there I believe .....
  9. On way back from Yorkshire dubs
  10. Is it an open limit now then?
  11. Might be going, not sure bout going on show
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