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  1. Hi i got it off ebay mate think it was about 5 quid, the signal is really good, its the full unit, i only got it because when i bought the car it was completely missing it.
  2. NexG

    Ride hight

    sorry i meant ARB anti roll bar :/ silly me
  3. NexG


    It was a bush..... thanks anyways
  4. NexG


    Hey guys, I was driving home from work just now and i have noticed that there is some play in the steering wheel, also a slight knock whenever i steer from left to right or right to left :/. I don't know why i did this but i decided just to check the old mot's and i came across the mot that was done in 2011 with an advisory for the steering wheel column bearing slightly worn, though.... the latest mot which was done just before i bought the car has no advisories on it? :/ could it be this bearing causing the problem? Thanks for your help. Gav
  5. NexG

    Ride hight

    Nice I'm thinking of getting some Jom's, I'm running on the standards with 55 profile tyres, i should get some decent low's? also, i had an issue when i lowered my old lupo where the exhaust used to bang on the ORB, will i have the same problem?
  6. Go to euro car parts and put your reg in..... it will bring up the standard parts for that vehicle.
  7. Yeah thanks for the input its getting put back on Sunday lol
  8. Bought a blanking plate off ebay pal easy enough, though if you get one from ebay be sure to buy some gaskets too cause they aren't included , I cleaned out the EGR and saw a nice difference so i though what the hell i will blank it off. and tbh you tell a difference, more responsive. Hmmm they sound tempting but im majorly skint haha thought...... orange sounds interesting, maybe have to consider that when im spraying my wheels . Coilies are definitely next
  9. I saw a few cars with it done at some car meets and thought it looked okay.... i intend to drop it back down in the next couple of days lol
  10. I had the car decatted along with the EGR deleted then remapped it, it flies , i was considering getting a spoiler and carbon fibre vinyl on the rear badge but i suck at stuff like that so i darent attempt
  11. Still needs slamming , was thinking some mudflaps and getting the wheels sprayed either white or black and yes..... the grill needs to go i think but the housing is screwed so i sealed it in >.< Thinking mudflaps on front and rear and then concentrate on the interior.
  12. Apologies, the cars dirty lol :/ still stuff to do >.< need coilies .
  13. NexG

    Bucket seats

    Thanks for the input Under the original seat looks way too confusing, it's the ones that pop up might have to leave it
  14. NexG

    Bucket seats

    Hey up. I have got hold of some recliner bucket seats with runners on, came to take the passenger seat out of my mk2 Seat Arosa and when the seat is removed I am left with nothing but the runners at the sides, what have people done to get bucket seats in along with the seatbelt catches? I've looked all night and have not found much to go by any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Gav
  15. NexG


    cheers mate how you getting on?
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