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    bought as it is but have big plans for it hate the colour looking into a deep candy red
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  1. Hey I'm new to the machine polishing so I thought I better ask before I go ahead and burn the lacquer off haha. So I've been told I need two pads. Yellow,white? But y ? And what order do I use them ? I will be using autoglym polish as I love there products. Thanks in advance to any advice.
  2. Leebo2012

    Help I see cut wires

    Yeah mate central locking works fine. I don't have electric windows
  3. Open the car door today n found this What are the wires for ?
  4. Leebo2012

    Somebody explain to me in detail

    Cheers lads means a lot I might after get some tires for front to have stretch same as you said pete91 it would look a little weird lol thanks again :-)
  5. Leebo2012

    Somebody explain to me in detail

    I'm ment to be buying some alloys off a mate of mine I asked the size of the alloys as I want to know if I old use my tires that I already have which are (195/45zr15) and he gave me this. 7j and 8j <<<<<< haven't the foggest wil my tires fit these allys he has hahaha. Please help.
  6. Leebo2012

    Rear arch rolling???

    That's just crap I rolled mine about 3 month ago
  7. Leebo2012

    Sticker bomb

    Ok so I'm wanting to sticker bomb my engine cover I've never done this before. So what do I do becouse obv with it been on top of the engine it will get hot so how can It be sticker lol ? Somebody explain how to keep it protected
  8. Leebo2012

    Curb rash

    Cheers lads its bugging me like mad I think il take the advice and get them done. :-)
  9. Need some help can someone tell me what I need step by step to get rid off this curb rash it was already done when I bought the car so I'm wanting to sort it now I have the time. I have never attempted it before :-So no sarci comments please :-) Thanks in advance.
  10. Wanting a new carpet now for little arosa must be in good condition no awful marks and hopefully not too far away anyone got one for sale. ?
  11. Leebo2012

    Engine warning light

    So engine warning lights coming on. Replaced plugs also checked Leads there ok. Turned it off twice and it's still coming on any ideas ?
  12. Leebo2012

    I'm just curious

    Haha I think he's marked the wrong thing lol I just didn't see the point in it.
  13. Leebo2012

    Replacing a distributor

    What's the rule of nine ? lol there should be a post on this in the how to section lol haha
  14. Leebo2012

    I'm just curious

    So had my new coolant sensor fitted but he told me to remove the coolant pipe connected to the reservoir and drain it then put it back on and refill the coolant I'm just curious y ?
  15. Leebo2012

    Gibbos Arosa S TDi

    Needs lowering more but it looks good mate :-)

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