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  1. lovely car! and may i say the best colour for the lupo! but im a bit biased, i used to have a raven blue one but had to sctach that itch again 5 years later! 55 reg laser blue! lives in london ( east )
  2. hi, looking for a lupo gti with factory leathers and air conditioning. cash waiting for the right car. email: wogman@hotmail.com tel : 07908 888 888 regards
  3. why not? guy has sold a few aswell..
  4. i would probally kill my self in this car..! post up some videos asap!! incredible car!
  5. hi, im trying to use google to find some information as you do, but found that today it is blocking alot of webistes.. this is the message i get when going to google.com and searching clublupo. i then have to open a new window and paste the web address in. tried it on a few computers and still having the same problem.. any solutions? Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! Suggestions: Return to the previous page and pick another result. Try another search to find what you're looking for. Or you can continue to http://www.clublupo.co.uk/ at your own risk. For detailed informa
  6. they can cancel im sure.. but surely if they havent cancelled and you do claim then they have to honour it?
  7. hi, has anyone on here ever traded in a car thats been modified? do the dealers even bother? car in question is my mk5 golf tdi : http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=47862 just testing the water before i speak to vw and a few other people about a trade in.. thanks
  8. i used to have the re xxx sub with the same long box.. its a tight squeeze but it defo fits! good choice!
  9. for the ipod wire you can feed it through the back of the stereo and bring out in the drivers footwell, then you put the ipod under the steering wheel nicely and snugley without anyone seeing.
  10. for the fronts, it would be better if you do the 280 mm upgrade. you will need to buy g60 carriers but these are only around £50 - £80 depending on how you soruce them. for pads i did try ebc green pads, standard vw ones mintex extreme and found the mintex alot better.
  11. hi, does anybody on here know how to remove the album art column ? ive gone to view, choose column but album art doesnt let me unselect it self.. anyhelp?
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