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  1. http://www.volkswagen.com/br/pt/modelos/novo_fox.html Nice, like the idea of a 1.6 is the I motion like blue motion? Will we ever get it here!?
  2. Noonoo

    Tow Bar

    No not a caravan just a trailer for camping! Trouble with VW is VW pricing as you can imagine as most things are normally double and add a bit it'll be something ridiculas!
  3. Noonoo

    Tow Bar

    Hi, Need to look into buying a tow bar for my little Fox. Does anyone have a good brand they can recommend that doesn't leave to much of a gaping hole in the bumper!? Ta much, Lisa
  4. Sad to see you go - what are you getting now?
  5. Hi Rich I got mine about a month ago, it's a brilliant little car. I had to wait nearly 4 months and yes you get a lot of car for little money, and yes fantastic we beat the increase and the vat rise too!
  6. Oooh first fault, going in the garage on Monday. The rear wash wipe only wipes on intermittent it doesn't sweep the 4 times it should when the wash is on the window. Not detrimental just annoying.................!
  7. I always thought the National Speed limit was 70 It doesn't matter to me as I'm still bedding in the Fox no going over 60
  8. Got my car Tuesday, nothing wrong with it at all thanks
  9. Sorry to disappoint the more creative of you but the car is staying as standard, there's no need to lower or amend the car in any way it's perfect. It drives like a dream and the ride is smooth even over the numerous pot holes and speed bumps of Derbyshire! Only problem we had was that we had to fight a bit at the dealer to get the protection pack we were promised for 170 quid they wanted to give us rear mud flaps and carpet mats that were worth about a fiver! After much stomping and creating managed to get the rear and front mud flaps and rubber logo'd mats front and rear along with the boot liner - which they put in the wrong way round....... Just waiting for some fairly dry weather now to get to gtips with moving the rear seats and checking the pop out windows also to have a look if we can get some rear speakers in
  10. It's been sodding months but had a call from Guilders this morning and my new Fox is finally arriving on Monday and I can collect it on Tuesday! I'm so excited I can't wait my first car from brand new
  11. Sorry to disappoint but I was drooling over a 59 plate waiting to go through for final check at the local dealers a couple of weeks ago and they're still high!
  12. There's no syncro in first gear or reverse
  13. Lol Oh magical mystical secret button, actually I was hoping someone was going ask as I was curious to!
  14. Is that why you're looking for a Lupo?
  15. No they'd plug it in somewhere else not through the stereo. Saying that on my Polo they plug it in through the port under the ashtray but there's no ashtray in the Fox so don't know where the port is. But it would look like a scart connection not an aux connection.
  16. keep pressing the setting button, it'll take you through the various options in there till you get to the beginning - to get out of gala mode
  17. I know Kwik Fit aren't the best but I'm a the only driver in the family so don't have a clue where to start when it comes to important life and death things like that - oil changes and the like were about my limit My brakes were changed about 2 years ago under the waranty thing but now I live with a very capable bloke so all new work is directed through him! But reading through the posts, 30K in 1 year is quite heavy on milage so you can assume that work that would normally last us a couple of years would come round quicker if you put in the miles
  18. I get my brakes done at Kwik Fit. Once pads or shoes are fitted they have a replace for life policy if anything is wrong I take the car in and they do the work for free.
  19. No Fox haters - bar the Lupo drivers that is
  20. Was having a look round the forecourt of Gilders in Sheffield and was talking to a couple who was looking to scrap an R reg BMW for a Fox. The dealer was showing them an 06 plate but when the bloke asked if they could arrange to scrappage against one they said that the deal was so close to finishing that they weren't taking orders on 59 plate Fox as they couldn't guarantee the stock coming within time. He seemed to be pushing them toward the Polo as they said the wait time was less but as the bloke said - if I had an extra 2K to spend then I wouldn't be looking for scrappage benefit!!! I haven't heard anything about it coming to an end, has anyone else?
  21. yeah granted with the keys they can take any car what I want is the visual deterrant and it would take more than 5 minutes to get that off with an angle grinder - would you bother?
  22. doesn't the disklok stop them from moving the steering wheel if they get in or not
  23. my other half says try a belt dressing spray. apparently it'll coat the belt and stop it squealing somewhere like Halfords or Road and Rally would have it
  24. I want to get a wheel lock, I've got a handbrake lock for my Polo at the minute but it cuts into the plastic/leather gear stick cover and don't want that for the Fox. I need to know what the diameter is of the steering wheel. I thought it felt quite small when we test drove and the lock comes in 3 sizes. The small fit 35 - 39cms is this ok? Could anyone check before I shell out a small fortune or let me know if they use any different?
  25. Love the fact you can raise the seats even though you're still pretty high up! I had an M reg Fiat Cinq at one point and that was like driving a biscuit tin so I know how to 'ruff it' I just don't feel anything like that in the Fox If you thrap any car you'll get throttle noise which is why I asked if you were doing motorway journeys or commuting trips. Maybe if you do a 60 mile daily round trip commute on the motorway this may not be the right car for you but if you want a day to day car the I don't think you can go wrong
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