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  1. Screenwash system leaks. rear passenger side window clip broken. headlights out of alignment. brakes shudder. wipers lose tension. Reading other peoples comments i think every area of the car is below par! sell the fox and get a second hand car!
  2. yeah tried changing the stalk settings, its been set to its lowest position, im gonna get VW to take another look as im not sure what they did last time to check, another fox owner i know seems to think her beams are fairly high also so maybee its normal.
  3. I own a "57" 1.2 urban fox, its been a great car and still liking it v much, however when ever i decide to take a drive at night i always see the car in front adjusting there rear view mirror, i have also even had a driver kindly put his rear fog light on to retaliate to what seems to be my inconsideratation, that was until i decided to flash him with the full beam to prove i werent being a typical micra driver and being dumb leaving my full beam on. i have the height of the beam set to its lowest, looked at the bulb positioning within the cluster, and neither myself or VW have found error,
  4. yeah if you look in the glovebox, on the top of it you will find a white plastic square with a 3.5mp3 jack in!! simply plug your player into it and select aux on the stereo, think i pressed cd again to select aux!!??!
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