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  1. im using an app to track my fuel economy for fun. to a tank i am getting 340 miles with an average spend of £32-£34 . i am getting real world figures of 58-61mpg. My commute is 18miles of twisty,hilly roads, and then 15miles of motorway sat at 65-70mph. so 35miles ish each way. forgot to add i have a 2004 Lupo SDI , 147k miles, standard car with an engine light on
  2. honestly ebay coilovers are ****. i have them on my car when i bought it. i think they are JOM? honestly unless you like "lows" rather than a comfy ride i wouldnt.
  3. i gave up and have mine booked into a garage to do mine.. ideally wanted to do myself but never done it before
  4. looks like £7 went into that car let alone 7000
  5. hey, do you still have the glow plug wiring harness? Also if you do what condition is it in? thanks
  6. Can you post up some links where to buy and stuff. i want to give this a go with your help ofcourse
  7. i lost interest when i saw "cheap insurence" "The Car does not knock or bang im no mechnic"
  8. @mk2 its your friend here. Are you busy at Christmas
  9. Still here! Loving MPG life! my fault is still there.. havent had time to diagnose correctly... havent even checked the wiring etc.. been too busy using it as a daily beater! Got some new wipers today and an Air filter - i also added all the service history to a nice Excel spread sheet which tells me a new air filter is needed after 25k miles!! I need to get kick @mk2 into sorting out the pics for cambelt change or at least gimme a hand haha! i think one of the idlers is making a metallic rattle sound.. it is over due by 25k also!! ****! Also still need to fit the glow plugs (doh!) Lovely car just keeps going and going, just wish i had to time to sort the niggles out!!
  10. welcome Gary. Fellow SDI owner here! I had engine issues but were all the time regardless of speed or RPM. mine was a faulty ECU but yours sounds intermittent however, the previous owner of my car said it came and went until finally giving up being lumpy/loud all the time. Have you stuck a code reader on it? VCDS or a cheap code reader app on your phone? thats a good place to start.
  11. No build thread for me. I might see if I can start one. I'm on the same wave length as you. Mild restoration and small mods to make the car nicer to live with day to day
  12. yeah thats exactly right, been watching the VEG oil my car website and youtube, i want to do it for the experiment side, im happy to filter it, i have seen you let it sit etc. and i got the space. if its free i cant argue with that!!
  13. I have a few issues too that sound the same. Be good to see you fix them welcome to the new GTi!
  14. Don't worry I'm right behind you. Trying to find some local businesses to give me their free oil. Although at 60p a litre I could be tempted to buy it
  15. Not that it matters as i have the SDI but currently doing 330miles to a tank of diesel, and thats around £32 worth at 127.9/L. i do 70miles a day to work and back
  16. love this thread. Been reading a lot about SVO and bio diesel. If we can just change the injectors and get a bosch fuel pump (assuming we dont have one already) Then that could help the longevity???
  17. partly why i ordered some through the dealer. Silverlake in Southampton is where i got a few key items from, but that was their oonly Lupo and was stripped near bare when i arrived. i tried the chinese clips but werent the same so gave up and got the proper ones.
  18. i second whats been said here. looks good and sounds good, but mine are starting to fail. I rekon they need rebuilding, new runners etc or just a really big clean. Stick to the manual ones
  19. keep the post up to date. Have you sorted it yet?
  20. what else have you got left?? thanks
  21. only thing i can forsee is that if the headliner needs glueing, so gluing bedsheet to cardboard headliner, surely some of the glue will seep through? Someone on the facebook group has a marvel headliner haha go nuts these cars are cheap to experiment with
  22. So I have to change my injectors to run 50/50 veg oil
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