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  1. How hard is it to replace the subframe on lupos? Found a lupo that needs a new sf but was wondering how hard it would be if anyone's done one before? (Put a new engine, gearbox and clutch in my saxo so pretty competent!)
  2. that new hole looks a bit dodgey, youve essentially made the supporting area 3/4 weaker, and deffinately an insurance void!
  3. so im looking at a 1.4s 1999. the seller reckons the rocker cover seal(sealent) needs replacing because oil is getting into the port and its only turning over on 3 plugs, now i thought the rocker cover seal keeps the oil in the engine and if it did get into the port it would only get as fair as the spark plug hole and no further...if the spark plug was submerged in oil would it stop it from working properly? or is this guy talking out his arse and trying to bull**** me...
  4. looking for a project for the summer close as possible to north devon unless its legally driveable.. let me know what you got pics price mileage etc etc...
  5. 4s?? scam at that price be careful use paypal!
  6. Unlocked officially by O2 16gb brand new replacement by apple care with the screen protection still on £300 located in bristol pm me and you will get an instant response as my emails are sent to my phone
  7. sorry if this has already been covered on this site...if someone could forward me the thread if there is one? i just want to know why the 1.4s is 73bhp and the sport is 98bhp? is it the mapping?
  8. Seen a couple of modified lupos around bristol recently, slammed with wide stances so i decided to check them out insurance, spec etc and now i cant wait to get enough money saved (up mostly my student loan haha) to get one!!! im now 20 so insurance should be fair. looking to ge a black or red 1.0 or 1.4s dropping it and putting it on some teledials or weller steels is there any chance of getting a half decent one for around £800 with a sound engine or is that a bit ambitious? not to worried on body work and other little bits im pretty competent, did all the work on my previous car (saxo) including putting a new engine in it...look forward to getting one and getting involved on the lupo scene
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