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  1. keep the updates coming. sorry i cant help with your current problem
  2. ok ill see what i have in the garage then.
  3. Also, can i get a battery with better specs? i do a lot of start stop driving with deliveries and so dont want to knacker a battery
  4. this link doesnt work btw
  5. have a look on 7zap vw catalgoue and get the part numbers and then you can google it.
  6. depends if your going to refit with oem bushes or aftermarket like super pro. i got some aftermarket for £40 both sides with bushes in tact.
  7. not that this is in anyway linked, but at 2000 rpm on full load going up a hill, my exhaust rattles and seems to hit the gearbox lol.. need to space it somehow
  8. UPDATE: After fitting those lower suspension arms, and i did comment on how the old ones didnt look too bad.. well after driving the car all this week i can report that the car is soooo different, its stiffer which it should be, better handling, like the wheel doesnt feel so sloppy its a great improvement, which i didnt think it needed cant wait to buy the arb drop links now, which should tighten things up some more. Not sure i can replace much else! haha
  9. Thanks. That’s more reassuring. onto the next thing! Haha!
  10. always a few answers.. castrol tells me its 5w-30.. any benefits of running the thicker 5w40 ?
  11. I got new rear brakes and fluid to go on. Do you think it will help or is this normal. For me having a car at 44% efficient, isn’t something to be happy about?? I don’t get it. Is this a case of a lightbulb that gives off more heat than light lol
  12. is this still relevant ? 2004 sdi owner here with 154k on the clock
  13. UPDATE: Hes only gone and PASSED! NO ADVISORIES Amazing as this is,, i would like to open the floor to explain the brake situation attached image. It has new front discs and pads as you know... and i have got rear shoes and fluid to do... It appears the brakes are not working all that well to me ??? please can anyone shed some light???
  14. Hey welcome! does this mean you are local?
  15. Potentially. i got it scanned on my thread just haven’t had the chance to go back through it but pretty sure it was manifold yeah
  16. That’s my worry. They need doing I’m sure the fluid hasn’t been changed for a while either. I think I have been pretty good at fixing most of the issues the car came with so I’m hoping for a clean bill of health.
  17. UPDATE TIME: Managed to fit in swapping out the lower suspension arms both sides. pretty easy job tbh. the bushes didn’t look too bad but hay ho love a bit a fresh metal. only thing I need to order now is the arb bushes but I knew that anyway. MOT time tomorrow!! Wish me luck. didn’t get around to fitting my rear brakes and fluid but can always do it after unless it fails off course haha. fingers crossed!
  18. I have an undertray under my SDI. The middle looks like it’s taken a beating but defo protects the underside of the engine
  19. Just a lose connection to the manifold temperature sensor haha! It was a simple 5 min fix. but if you know where to look. Which I didn’t. Funny times
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