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  1. Time has come to pass on my trusty Arosa. 2003 TDi 123000 miles. Metallic Grey. Some issues. 2nd gear can be hard to locate after engine has warmed up!? Driver window sometimes reluct to raise up under its own steam. Remote Key battery goes flat within 24 hours. Replaces original alloys with steelies. ABS lights comes most days, traces to a voltage drop at pump i.e. dry solder joint. ABS and brakes are good and as light only comes on above 18 mph passes MOT. MOT due soon should be no issues. Any takers?
  2. I agree they are already a most awesome ride. Though i'd like to lower mine worried about all this ramp clearance talk. I live in Norfolk they have two for one sales on speed bumps. Thanks guys another query put to bed.
  3. Is it possible to fit a Lupo 6 speed box to a 1.4 TDi Arosa? And what would be the results????????? Anyone, Anyone ...............Voodoo economics Bueller...................... Bueller.................
  4. Never a good thing wrapping a thing of beauty!!! I'll take cup holders and Chromy door openers if you have em'? Gear Knob too hee hee if you have it still.
  5. It is Standard SEAT CD player normally sits below the tape deck. I removed it because I have to have my Sony Dynamic Sound Stage MP3 player. I mean why bother with a CD Changer when you can get 300+ tracks on a Mp3 Disc????????. As for a swop depends on type of cup holder a condition. Has to be immaculate and i'd consider a Coin tray/Cupholder too. Do you know if the gubbins from Arosa gauges can directly fit the Lupo display casing?
  6. Now Now CrookedWilly thats not nice.................good point though cheers lol
  7. Hi y'all really must have a cup holder nowt better than tearing up the coast of Norfolk with a Maccy D's Chocolate shake in me cup holder. I have a standard fit CD player to get rid of in exchange! Cardaft?
  8. Mine are indeed 185/55/14 got Pirelli 700's on the front and a mixture on the back a Continental and a Goodyear. I've always used Pirellis in the past, what would you recommend? Phoning SEAT today to see if they can shed any light on the steering wheel query, I'll post a reply to my own question.
  9. Could anyone advise me. I've seen a Leather steering wheel in the scrappys currently on a SEAT Leon TDi. The Airbag has deployed. Now is it A. Compatible with my 03 Arosas fittings? B. Can I use my air bag? Oh and what tyres would you recommend? J
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