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  1. Do you have the contents of the boot, foam, tools and compressor. Thanks Ian
  2. Yes you have the wrong size tyres they should be 205 45 15
  3. I'm looking for the rear heat shield for the Gti, it's the one that go's in between the exhaust and fuel tank, mine as corroded, I wanted a new one but they are no longer available from VW
  4. 1an

    Help needed BBS RC 321

    Here are some photo's of the hub and spigot ring, the spigot ring is 60mm, I was going to buy the 57.1 but there's not point if 60mm won't fit then 57mm won't, like I said earlier I will have to use a different type of ring that sits further in the wheel to allow the hub to fit correctly
  5. 1an

    Help needed BBS RC 321

    It looks like you can't use the bbs type spigot rings, I will have to get a different type that fits into the inner centre bore, I will try to upload some pictures later,
  6. Yes the screws you are on about go through items 8 and 9 on the diagram, they are the same screws used for the arch linings
  7. 1an

    Help needed BBS RC 321

    Yes it fits on the hub but it will not fit flush with the face there is a lip on the hub, on the standard gti wheels there is a recess for this, the bbs have no recess so it will not go back to the face of the hub
  8. Which bolt do you mean
  9. Just bought some BBS RC 321 wheels 7,5 x 16, they will not fit on the hub correctly they come with 70mm - 57mm spigot rings, but there is no recess on the wheel to let the hub sit properly, how do I get round this, I suppose spacers might help,
  10. Sorry I have not got back to you, the Splash guard is not in very good, it as holes but they could be repaired,
  11. I have one but it's not perfect, is of my Gti
  12. 1an

    bam engine in lupo gti

    got the engine in position nothing welded yet, tried to fit the front radiator panel but the oil filter is hitting the fan housing, can someone please tell me how a over come this
  13. 1an

    bam engine in lupo gti

    The reason aim asking is the standard Gti engine sits quite high in the bay and most of the 20v engines sit low in comparison, if you could get the engine to sit higher it would give you better ground clearance, I know there is a issue with the gearbox and the chassis leg, if I over come that problem will there be any other issues
  14. I'm putting a Bam engine in a Gti, can some one please tell me why the engines always seem to sit low in the Lupo's, as it got something to do with the drive shafts, also will the Gti fuel pump be sufficient for the bam engine running at 265 BHP, I'm not new to this, as I've already put a bam engine in a mk1 golf, that was quite easy using the qpeg ECU and down pipe, the lupo conversion seems to be all guess work regarding engine mounts,
  15. 1an

    Lupo GTi

    How about a 2004 silver Gti in silver full history and 50200 genuine miles
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