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    Hi I've recently changed the clutch and release bearing on my lupo and no troubles except for when it revs over 3000rpm it makes a rotational grinding noise but quite faint. It makes this noise at all times so in neutral and when my foot is on the clutch, and when in gear unsure if it made it before I changed the clutch as bought it and only drove it once didn't really rev it too much. I've had it up on axle stands and put in second and given it a rev to see if the drive shaft vibrates but all smooth, any suggestions ? before I take the gear box out again to have a look as was a bit of a pig. When removing the drive shaft on the drivers side I did take out the connection to the gear box as I'm stupid but got it back in but worried it could have been putting that back in. Also changed gear box oil
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    Oh. You may have broken your gearbox... That bolt holds the diff flange (the bell shaped thing) attached to the diff cage inside the gearbox. I think gearbox out again to check everything
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    I've been reading up on the big brake conversion that people have done. Using the g60 carries & the 280mm disc, have the guys who've done it found it was worth it. Or was it the case that it's only made a miner difference to what they had. I've got an Arosa sport with EBC discs & pads, I was looking to do the conversion but only really if it was worth it. One thing I don't get is how is it going to make a big difference if your still using the same caliper with a bigger disc. Surly it's as much down to the number of pistons you have as well as the bigger disc.
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    As said, as long as the oil is clean and it's running fine, with no excessive ammounts of white smoke, i wouldnt worry about it too much. It'll probably be a perished gasket or a a loose jubilee clip. GIve it a check over andd see what you can find. Depending on how well you wish to look after it, you could stick some K-Seal in it to help prevent the leak. Not ideal, but it does work.
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