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    Nice. So jealous. 👍🏻 I knew this was possible. There's so much space around the back of the lump. Those are awfully long compressed air ducts. You could dump the inlet manifold as you don't need tuned rams to help reduce the volume. Or maybe ???? completely dump the intercooler. It might be laggy. That's a fair volume that needs to be pressurised. But experimentation is key here. Keep us up to date with your progress. Great work! clutch... Personally I'd keep it stock. You want it to give up before the transmission which will give you a reasonable safety margin. There'll be a huge amount of torque. A lot. Loads. When you map it, I'd tune for power instead of torque. The biggest weakpoints are (you already know) the gearbox bearings and the CV joints. Especially LHS outer. The mk1 diesel clutch driven plate will fit, but you need to grind off a little material on the flywheel side, on the splined centre. I don't think there's a pressure plate out there with a stronger spring, with the same flywheel fitment. Might be able to swap to a 1.9 flywheel and bigger clutch -but- I dunno if that'll fit the 085 box. oh, delete the breather fumes sucking into the turbine. Just my personal hate.....
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    We are up and running Modified Volvo V70 inlet, Passat GT1749V turbo reclocked and an AFN exhaust manifold All running and buttoned up just got a few tweaks to do on maps and sensors clutch was tired anyway so slips when prodded so need an upgrade, anyone know of a 190mm upgraded kits they can recommend?
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