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    So all Lupo GTI 6 speed gearboxes (GVX, FUT and so on) are based on the bigger Polo 02T gearbox. The maine case, diff and gear design are the same as in a 5 speed 02T. 02T is the name of the family of the gearboxes and the three letter code, is what differentiate these gearboxes (in term of ratios and stuff). The main difference is fifth and sixth gear and the back case. So, 02T and 02U are almost the same. For you to belive me, i have installed in my 9N Polo a 6 speed FUT from a 2003 GTI, and is 100% plug and play. I've studied and the GTI gearboxes have the best gearing of all these 6 speed boxes, you only need a shorter ration final drive. I'm not sure about this info and it has to be checked and see if it fits, but the 1.2 6v 9N has a 02T with a 4.4 or 4.5:1 final drive, as opposed to our 4.19:1 ratios. Don't search for 12v gearbox, because that also has 4.19:1 ratios. Good luck!
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    Remove alternator belt. If it goes away you know it is alternator or Pas. If the whining sounds female then slap it
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    I had a third gear replaced by a vag monkey and we used parts from the Scirocco range of 02t boxes.
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    Quaife do a gear kit I believe. Edit: Not for the 02T, but other variations of the 02 box. Not sure if these would fit. Also no CWP listed so you'd be stuck with the standard FD. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/quaife-vag-6-speed-synchromesh-gearkit
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