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    Hi All, Just thought I'd share this incase anyone is wanting to upgrade to 280mm brakes up front (Should apply to TDIs, 100HP 16v and GTI Models) As most of you probably know, all that's needed is new carriers, discs and pads to do the upgrade, the stock caliper is fine. Autodoc are currently stocking G60 carriers by Mapco for £24 a side plus postage, non OEM, but new compatible and seems less than some of the used carriers go for. Pics attached of part no and the carriers I received.
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    I have g60 and black diamond disks in a box, since changing my disks and pads (still 256mm) brakes are massively improved so havent felt the need to try them so far.
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    I get mine from Eurocarparts, I use a G60 reg then get them under the performance section👍🏼
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