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    Well you can't blame them can you - their choc is rather fine, but may I suggest that they're more likely to be distracted by their delicious Stella, and from my experience of the stuff, we're lucky if we get any glass put in at all. I have got alloy doors. It was one of the first things I wanted to check pre-buying my car, as I especially like the idea of lightweight panels. At BMW we had them on the CSLs. At that time I was responsible for dealing with product complaints in the UK and a common one was owners moaning about their wavy bootlid edges - even the slightest hand pressure unless through the badge caused denting.
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    You'll probably be okay, I see a few cars like this everyday, but if you don't want any potential hassle it's worth changing lol... but a lot of the online places/ebay you have to physically type the space when writing the reg. If you did, message them and get them to send another set out to you as it's their mistake.
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    Yeah i thought it would come spaced out, so i think i will order another set just to be safe... ? Cheers pal
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