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    Remove lock barrel (Shouldn't be an issue here lol) In the side of the handle closest to where the barrel would be is a cable clipped in - note where it is set and remove it with a small screwdriver Remove handle, pull it towards the rear of the car and outwards simultaneously, if it doesn't come freely you can peep inside the door and see how the end closest to the rear of the car attaches. There's a small torx screw now visible, remove this and the carrier will come out. Fitting is the opposite to removing. Remember to tighten the t20 bolt that holds the barrel in place. Not the most descriptive but again, it's been a while and it makes sense to me!
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    You can buy service kits from brakeparts.co.uk inc pistons, re-manufactured calipers and other bits
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    Welcome to the Forum. Good looking lupo Andrew

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