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  1. Really simple. Jack up. Axle stands. 2 bolts at back 3 bolts at ball joint (Best to replace with new bolts and lock washer as get really rusty and crap) 1 nut for drop link Ensure when refitting the bolts at back they are threaded properly as they are captive nuts and are a huge hassle if stripped etc. I would just replace the whole wishbone much simpler and takes less time
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  2. Nice James, seems do-able. I bought the pair with ball-joints (the difference in price was €4) and was wondering if replacing them at the same time was a good thing/not too tricky?
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  3. legalise it in the uk and use it here, drive to English track days and have fun here. significantly cheaper than being in a championship and you can continue with something you enjoy.
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  4. Torque settings are in this thread
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