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    the customized holder for speaker in back seat.
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    I should think this would work. The exhaust on the 3L runs down the back of the block and over the subframe, as there is no gear linkage in the way. The bottom of the subframe is flat, so you may have to get creative with the exhaust. 3Ls don't have hydraulic PAS, so it would worth check for steering rack compatability. I think the rear beam is basically the same, so I can't see any issues there.
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    Absolutely actionless, you're right. Gonna repaint the car, install another wheel set, interior changes...it seems to me that another time I could film some footage with my car is may 2k17 before or after our VW Festival in Russia. With roll shots, action shots.
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    In Rome there are many many lupo, but the tdi are less and the gti version probably 10/12 in all Rome... ? So, any question, there's a gallery when i post a story of my lupo and i see the other?
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    Ha ha. Maybe i should clarify....... I especially like the way the standard suspension rides. It looks pants, and I feel like a granny, but is like a riding on a big soft fluffy cloud ☁️
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    This Kit is my own works. I am glad to hear that you like this.
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