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  1. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI.. Recaro Pole Positions In!

    How does it feel with the OZ wheels on, noteable difference?
  2. Lupo GTi

    Another bump
  3. 1.4 TDI Lupo Sport, mega low mileage (47,500)

    She's happy owner, thank you @mattb74
  4. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    How much for the headlights?
  5. Factory leather door cards

    Take these aren't factory then . . .
  6. Factory leather door cards

    Is the leather perforated?
  7. Considering changing GTi for A1 - thoughts?

    I currently have the S1..... not 1 fault I have with the car, best Audi I've had in years
  8. Lupo GTi

    Searching again
  9. Shame this is in Northern Ireland
  10. Looking for another Lupo GTI

  11. Lupo GTi

    Still on the hunt, if people dig this up in weeks time feel free to message or reply as I'm in this for the long run
  12. Lupo GTi

    Looking for a sub 80k Lupo GTi in good condition Preferable original and not black
  13. low mileage cars...

    My personal cars: 51 plate Lupo GTi with 37,300 miles R plate original 106 Rallye S2 with 46,000 miles Sold my Clio V6 earlier this year on a 55 plate with 17,000 miles
  14. WANTED LUPO GTI !!!!

    You looking for a dog to convert or a decent example Josh? I'm back in the country at the end of the month and shall be putting my Lupo GTI up for sale, 2 owners with 37k miles, full VWSH, 6 speed model with optical extra sunroof
  15. Seems to be three low mileage cars for sale at present: 05 plate, 1 owner, 38k miles, priced at £6,999 52 plate, 1 owner, 39k miles, priced at £6,950 04 plate, 1 owner, 41k miles, priced at £6,500 I've just bought a 1 owner car with 37k miles on the clock, seems to be a real gap appearing between the low mileage high priced GTIs and those that have been to the moon and back with battle wounds. I'm actually considering putting mine up for sale at the end of September, my memory of these cars have been tainted by owning Morgan, R32s and Clio V6 . . . .