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  1. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    No footage, but here are a couple of pictures
  2. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    I think I used 2 1/8 inch (54mm) pipes!
  3. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    Hi just a quick update...... 2013 was a slow year, just managed to get the rear diffuser done. And we fitted ITB's It wss to be expected, but I lost a bit of torque in the lower revs.... It is still a step in the right direction though. I will up the compression and get bigger cams along with cam pulleys. Should make a screamer for the latter half of 2014. Here is some footage of the track test, love how it sounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZpl416REkE Will post again, cheers.
  4. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    The front was made from fiber glass, then glued on (can't weld because the front fenders are aluminum) The rear arches were welded on. Now on to the updates...... Spare tire section was cut out and flattened/welded. Rear arches were pushed out another 15mm because the tires were rubbing. I think they are now 45mm wider (each side) than stock. Front and rear view Rear diffuser I wasn't expecting much, but this thing produces tons of downforce. The downforce inspires confidence while entering corners at high speeds, but the car now understeers....... alot! I will try to counter this understeer with more downforce in the front.....perhaps a set of canards will do. This will be followed by a tweak to the suspension, ie damper overhaul (5th time lol) The center section is done, still trying different looks for the side section. I'm not sure I like the wires on the side. Also don't like the gap between the bumper..... will try another set. The bodywork will be completed this summer. In the meantime, the Jenvey ITB's will be installed. I don't have the funds for a built motor yet, so they will be fitted on the stock motor. Will try to update again in a month or two. Cheers, Tada
  5. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    Base for the rear diffuser is done, adding fins shortly
  6. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    The car is in the bodyshop right now to make it a little wider LOL and I'm making a rear diffuser for better aerodynamics. Engine work will follow later this year, as I finally found another Lupo engine block. Will try to keep this thread posted. Cheers, Tada
  7. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    New exhaust to lose weight Cut the body a little to make room for the exhaust I ended up cutting out the entire trunk area and welded in a plate.
  8. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    I also swapped the DBW throttle body for a DBC (in prepration to move to throttle bodies) And now running on a standalone (MOTEC). The engine revs past 7,500rpm now.
  9. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    Wow, haven't posted in over a year. Well, I was really busy last year but there were some mods done. Trackday Dec.23.2011 After that, I had a custom rear wing mated to the hatch. front view Brake ducts
  10. tttttada

    Lupo GTI Throttle Body, DBW to DBC conversion

    Thanks as always John, I'll probably go with a OEM throttle body to simplfy things. I'll look for a cheaper used part. I think I should see an extra 10-15hp with the extra revs, enough to keep me competitive in the race. (at least in my current class)
  11. tttttada

    Lupo GTI Throttle Body, DBW to DBC conversion

    Hi John I am putting a hold on the ITB project for now. Actually I am currently looking for a Lupo block so that I can enter the race and build the motor at the same time, without any downtime. I would have to convert to a dbc and standalone eventually, so this mini-conversion is a step in the right direction. I never thought of getting an off-the-shelf throttle body. That could be interesting, as I'd definitely prefer a larger diameter throttle body. I wonder how big the intake manifold opening is (where the TB bolts to) If that is 52mm as well, there really is no point of going bigger (well, I guess I can bore that out too) At any rate, I prefer to keep it as simple as possible, as most of these parts are going to become useless once the ITB motor is complete. If there is a 60mm ID off-the-shelf throttle body that bolts straight onto the manifold, I would definitely get one. Wondering if this would be a straight bolt-on..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLKSWAGEN-POLO-LUPO-1-4-1-6-THROTTLE-BODY-036133064E-/260904103213?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3cbf18ad2d
  12. tttttada

    Lupo GTI Throttle Body, DBW to DBC conversion

    Yes thats precisely what I am looking for, just not sure which part number to look for, as DBC Polo's were not available here. I actually need the throttle pedal and cables/linkage too.
  13. I am eventually going for a fully built motor (with ITBs, in the process of collecting parts), but for the upcoming season, I've decided to convert the throttle body to a drive-by-cable unit and run it with a standalone, revving the engine to 8000rpm. Does anyone know which throttle body I should use? (part number preferred) I believe it should come off a AJV or ARC motor. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    Cheers John Yes, I may have to cut a hole in the bulkhead, but I prioritized ideal runner length. The total length (manifold, bodies, trumpets) is 228mm right now. Should be very close.
  15. tttttada

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    Hi, got back from vacation. Ive been getting alot of questions regarding the Alcon's, here is the answer. Yes those are the exact same calipers I used. They are lug mount calipers, so you need to have them drilled at a machine shop,and they will bolt right onto the steering knuckle with stock bolts. You do not need custom brackets, but they were not perfectly centered on the rotor, so I used 6mm spacers to set back the calipers a bit. You also need to source brake pads, and custom brake hoses. I ordered a custom set from Goodridge, which were not cheap. All in all, the collection of parts and labor will cost quite a bit (more than double, almost triple, the price of Wilwood kits) I really wanted to get a sorg manifold but they were impossible to get, so I opted for a Dbilas manifold (which I think are off-the-shelf) Hope that answers all questions.

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