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  1. davy26

    Now that's a colour . . .

    . . . I'd like to see my Gti wearing. (Canterbury, this morning).
  2. davy26

    Gti Bits Sought

    Wanted for 2005 MY Lupo Gti: Rear spoiler (black preferred) Steering wheel Battery Cover Any offers or leads appreciated. David
  3. davy26


    (Sorry if this clip has been posted already) This Gti is pretty quick and tidy - but the traffic on the Green Hell can be quite bothersome!
  4. Thanks Grumps - very helpful and I suspect this is one of those things where close attention to detail will pay off.
  5. davy26


    Lupos are far from being plentiful around here . . . but, within half a mile of each other are two in what I think is the (unusual) colour, Fresco (?) - see also Tasteful in Walmer.
  6. Thanks to Blue Loop, Silver and Grumpy for your comments/advice. I was aware that the spoiler is attached with fasteners and maybe I'm too pessimistic about possible damage during remove/refit. I wonder Grumpy if the tape you mention is the type we used to use around household door/window apertures?
  7. davy26

    GTI Camber and Toe

    Spec for track is 0 degrees, +/- 10' You describe negative camber and the spec should be - 30' +/- 10'
  8. I've not had the car long - it was imported to the UK from Japan late last year. My assumption is that the spoiler was re-painted at some point whilst the car was still in Japan. I suspect that the usual problems with water absorption into the spoiler have been made worse in this instance by a poor re-paint with insufficient preparation and, probably, the application of far too much new paint, making for an overly thick paint layer. I think my best bet would be to remove it now - whilst it should be well dried out as a result of our long dry weather spell - and get as much old paint stripped off as possible before applying new. One concern I have is about getting it off - I wonder if these tend to sustain damage in the process?
  9. davy26

    Looking for the engine number on an AVY!

    Dang! - that's tricky and inconveniently pedantic. Just for comparison purposes, the engine number of my MY 2005 Gti (Japan) is 034227. Do you have the original Jap service book/manual? If you do, check the front section (0503.553.190.70)* inside rear cover. This includes some fill-in data boxes - the third line of these would include the engine number (after prefix AVY) if the supplier bothered to make entries. Here's hoping. David. *Maybe different number depending on MY
  10. davy26

    Looking for the engine number on an AVY!

    You'd need to remove some ancillaries to get sight of the number, (on the block), but . . . when my Japan-import Gti was registered they simply entered the Engine Code, i.e. AVY in the P.5 field. I'd suspect that this one of those data entry issues where as long as there's a value entered there's no validation done to check if it's configured correctly or is of the expected length. Good Luck!
  11. It's bad on mine - see pics attached. I've read the various previous threads on this subject and gather it's down to absorbed water disrupting the paint film surface on its way out to evaporation. My local (high quality) bodyshop advised that a repaint would not be a lasting solution and suggested I look into having the spoiler wrapped. But then I'm told that since the film used is only 0.11mm thick, it would not provide a 'mask' of the current surface irregularities. Any opinions/experience please on the practicality and long term effectiveness of painting? I am wondering if this current dry/hot spell might provide a good opportunity to have a go on the basis that as of today the panel is possibly as 'dried out' as it ever will be.
  12. My German isn't good enough even for an Owner's Manual! - happily the factory-manuals.com download is in English.
  13. Finally found the real thing - as a PDF - at https://www.factory-manuals.com/volkswagen-32 I have paid the $60 required for the download and I believe it's good value - there are over 4,000 pages! When you order you're asked to provide your VIN - the content is then selected from the master database so that your PDF is strictly relevant to your car - I have checked and my 'copy' has all the right Gti-specific pages.
  14. davy26


    They are already debating performance upgrades over on the Up! Forum, e.g. http://www.upownersclub.co.uk/forum/dtuk_topic9658.html Also: http://www.upownersclub.co.uk/forum/150bhp-possible_topic9297.html and http://www.upownersclub.co.uk/forum/anyone-remapped-our-gti-yet_topic9620.html I've seen various opinions, links and videos and a post indicating that at least one tuner didn't feel comfortable (handling concerns) with the car having an extra-several bhp. And there's at least one car already lowered. There's an amusing owner's vid extolling the virtues of the Milltek sports exhaust he's already had fitted, but I don't think it did the job intended as the car didn't sound much different to my (admittedly ancient) ear. But, whatever the merits of the individual views/projects, it's good to see that a model in the generally prim Up! range has provoked so much enthusiasm and interest in further enhancing its performance.
  15. davy26


    So it looks as though we're pretty much agreed Martin, and I don't think anyone could deny the practicality and economy of the Up! Now, how silly is this? . . . my main disappointment with the Up! model line is a version I've never even driven: the Gti. I have been deterred by the lack of demos locally, the 'not bothered' stance of local Retailers and the protracted current order lead time. But, underlying those aspects, I feel that Volkswagen have been too conservative in speccing the car, perhaps dictated by a desire to launch at a price level well below that which might have been expected. This is my shame-list: No driver control over the ESC (Lupo superior) No funky colours, (e.g. Porsche colours like Racing Yellow, Lava Orange or Light Green) Only one wheel option, and that is big for some tastes at 17" - also results in (for me) too-low profile tyres Un-upgraded seat with lack of lateral support (Lupo superior) No lightweight 'special' version, with, say, another 15 bhp (Lupo has the ally doors, bonnet and arches) A more imaginative specification Up! Gti would not just lord it over the Abarth 595s, but fully annihilate them!

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