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  1. davy26

    Still Around?

    This was my first dabble with a Lupo - SDI bought for my daughter in 2004, (she loved it). I wonder if X62EKK is still getting in the way of other traffic on our public highways?
  2. I'm not at all dissatisfied with my High - or its predecessor Move - Up! I'm only changing, perhaps a little early, as I was infected with a craze for a Gti when that was announced. My first car was a '55 Beetle and I began my automotive career at BMW in 1971 - most things were still on carburetors in those days and journeys of any distance still a bit of an adventure. I then battled for 13 years at Alfa Romeo at a time when our reputation for quality was, shall we say, somewhat lacking. Perception of quality is subjective, but from my viewpoint the way contemporary cars are specified/put together, and the resulting standards of durability, reliability and comfort/convenience is nothing short of miraculous. I like my High Up! lots, and I'm tempted to hang on to it, but , being retired, both cars could suffer from under-use.
  3. 3 door, September 2016, 8,700 miles. £7,300. Well cared for/driven and in excellent condition throughout. Effectively one-owner - it was a Retailer pre-registration which had had no use prior to my ownership. The High spec provides a really good interior with great levels of quality, comfort and convenience. Fuel economy is very good - my overall average is 48 mpg despite mainly local running, and on longer runs I have seen 61 mpg (average). Under warranty until September 2019/60,000 miles. Full VW service history and MOT not due until 29-09-2019. Currently I am sorting my 'new' Lupo Gti, so the Up! will not be available until the end of June, when, if not sold here, I'll be putting it on Autotrader. Meanwhile it's available for evaluation/purchase. Please message me if you're interested - I will send you a full set of photographs.
  4. davy26

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    I didn't think I liked silver, but yours looks great and, I'm sure, is all the better for what you've done since owning it.
  5. davy26

    Tasteful in Walmer

    Has an 'interesting' plate too.
  6. davy26

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Yes, the Lupo Gti wheel is fine in its own right, just that something like the High Up! type or a Momo are that bit better, both ergonomically and aesthetically. As I learn more about Lupos I especially liked your post in that it alerted me to the 3L, which had previously escaped my notice. The car itself an interesting concept and I see why you'd like that wheel - it's pretty distinctive. Regards. David
  7. davy26

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Thanks for your interest. I'll possibly be retaining the original so that I can put the car back to standard in the future. However, if I do decide to sell, I'll let you know. Regards. David
  8. davy26

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    The standard wheel looks fine and suits the overall style of the Lupo interior. Perhaps I'm spoiled by my High Up! - one of the things I most like about it is the quality of the interior and the wheel is especially pleasant - good leather, size OK with the flat bottom/quite chunky grip and visually good with nice stitching. So I'd have liked the Lupo wheel to have a much thicker grip and a smaller diameter, (I'm tall and find there's not much clearance between the bottom of the wheel and my legs.) The 'feel' of the covering is also rather uninspiring; (you can tell I've got time on my hands!). While we're driving we are (or certainly should be!) in contact with the wheel 100% of the time, so I think it's worth seeking to get it absolutely right to our own taste - so I'm allowing myself to be indulgent with a Momo.
  9. davy26

    Japanese Service History

    Yes, already specified, but thank you kindly for the reminder.
  10. davy26

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Increasing pleased with Gerti - still less than a week in. Only thing I don't like design/spec-wise is the steering wheel. I'm intending to address that by fitting a Momo Millenium. Body/paint is generally good, but rear spoiler has crazed. The car has all the sort of 'character' which I've been missing in my (albeit very civilised) High Up!
  11. davy26

    Tasteful in Walmer

    Lupos are very thin on the ground here, (East Kent). However, this one is just around the corner and appears to be unmolested, and, though not one I'd choose myself, is in an unusual and pleasant colour.
  12. davy26

    Japanese Service History

    Thanks, and yes, I came to that view and booked it in yesterday.
  13. davy26

    Japanese Service History

    Having had no responses on this - it was a long shot - I have been delving into things with the help of Google and suchlike. As a result I have been able to identify the cambelt field on the standard Volkswagen service sheets used in Japan. So, just in case anyone else has the same query on a car into UK from Japan, I'm attaching a scan of the area of the sheet in which to look for an entry.
  14. davy26

    Lupo Gti MSW Alloy Wheels

    Just a rather unpleasant JVC radio/cd player, with no reception at all on MW - need to get a DAB in (am ancient).
  15. davy26

    Red Tube

    Just to confirm Martin has it right: https://bj44.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/jdm-emergency-flare/