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  1. davy26

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    David, 1x black, 1x red. Hope the numbers stack up.
  2. davy26

    SE in Deal

  3. davy26

    Another in Deal

    SDI spotted today.
  4. I own a 2005 MY Lupo Gti from Japan. The underside does indeed look very good, though I plan to have it Dinitroled as both my sons want to keep it in the family long term. Presumably it won't be too long before this source of cars dries up, but, currently, there are no less than seven Gtis on the Japanese auction website via Buyee. I think people who - like me - get mad for a Gti don't care where the car originates from, (just finding a late one with lowish mileage is hard enough), and there are pros/cons for either European or Japan sourcing. But my experience so far is that things like handbook/service record, heated seat, DAB head are all easily dealt with.
  5. davy26

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    I would order one - maybe two - if you do.
  6. davy26

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I tried several different locksmiths and 'specialists,' but with no success. After a few weeks of research and abortive attempts I found the only solution was indeed to have a new key/transponder from a VW Retailer. Expensive, I agree, but imagine how much far greater cost and hassle you could incur if you lost/broke your one-and-only. Mine is a Japan import so there is the added complication of the remote frequency mismatch, but that's not critical - having the correctly coded transponder certainly is.
  7. davy26

    Corrosion on a Gti

    Thanks gents, I had in fact already been in touch with Levi. I have also now got better advice and have got the problem into better perspective. I'm going to monitor the patch and if it appears to be developing, I've got an ally-appropriate repair process ready to apply in the Spring. I think I was spooked at first as I'm always saying how good cars have been since the Nineties in terms of corrosion resistance, and I'd had little personal experience of corrosion on aluminium, (though lots with rusting steel, having worked for Alfa Romeo in the Seventies/Eighties!)
  8. davy26

    My best find!

    As at late May I had quite a list, (but maybe Winterstoke meanwhile addressed the issues), but if you're happy with it I'd suggest observing the old adage, 'Ignorance is bliss,' - there was nothing life-threatening anyway.
  9. davy26

    My best find!

    I considered that one a couple of months back, but left it because of the number of things needing attention whilst being offered at a top-condition price. I trust you'll have bought at the right price and will be able to sort the various issues without difficulty or undue expense. Though I eventually bought a black example - a colour I especially like - this one does look good in the photographs and I hope you'll have lots of fun with it.
  10. davy26

    1998 Junior Touring Lupo

  11. Anyone have any experience/wisdom regarding corrosion affecting one of the ally panels please? There is a small (less than 1 cm) patch on one of mine. My best local bodyshop says leave it, it's unlikely to develop much and would do so only very slowly. And I read elsewhere that the corrosion process creates aluminium oxide, a hard material which protects the metal from further corrosion, (sounds too good to be true?). Currently the work necessary to deal with this is pretty extensive - as much as would be the case if the affected area was much bigger, so there's a case for watching and waiting. But, equally, if a good solution would be a 'new' door, I'd best do this sooner rather than later as the supply of these from breakers progressively diminishes. My car is in nice condition generally, 2005 MY and 61,000 miles and I plan to keep it long term and aim towards a concours condition. What would you do?
  12. I gather they can supply donor wheels, but (logically) only for makes/models where they regularly are asked to do an upgrade, (like common old BMWs). I could remove mine and send it, but I'd not be keen on being unable to drive the car for a couple of weeks. The only drawback with the 'Royal Solution' is that they can't reduce the diameter - surely the car would feel much better with a 320 mm or 300 mm wheel?
  13. Thanks Martin and I'm pleased that's the case - more tasteful in my view.
  14. Yes, I'd like to know too, but from a pragmatic point of view I think Reedo is probably right. I had a similar wish to know the correct colour for the Bathursts - some say Avus Silver, but I was not able to confirm. My excuse is I'm pedantic, retired, have time on my hands, and used to work for car manufacturers, so have a natural affinity for factory-spec: what's yours? (!)
  15. I'm planning to do this on my Gti when I can get a donor wheel to send away to http://royalsteeringwheels.com/vw/ They have quoted me as follows: Full modification (Thicker, Thumb grips added + Flat bottom), Smooth leather all around, Red stitching The price would be 205GBP + 9.99Postage (Parcelforce next day recorded) and we would need 1-2 weeks to do so. Worth it I think because the look/feel of the wheel is a big part of the driving experience and there are too many complications in swopping for something like a Momo because of the air bag considerations. The standard wheel in the Gti looks OK but is very skinny.

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