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  1. Andrew1971

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    My SDI is the opposite just under 54 thou in 19 years. I got her with under 49 thou😀 Andrew
  2. Andrew1971

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    My SDI has got mudflaps too. All four of them😃 Andrew
  3. Andrew1971

    40k SDI?

    Yes there was one in auto trader 18 months ago. Then I got it ☺ Take the blue. Andrew
  4. Andrew1971

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    Hi harley17 Welcome to the forum. How much is your ved (car tax) on your SDI. like the blue too. Andrew
  5. Andrew1971

    3 word story

    He said what
  6. Andrew1971

    New member after some help!

    Welcome to the Forum Adjust the clutch cable. Would have to come off when changing the gear box.
  7. Andrew1971

    So this happened.....

    Aren't you the lucky one.?
  8. Andrew1971

    Hello from Sheffield

    Hello welcome to the forum ? I do like your wheels ? Good looking GTI
  9. Andrew1971

    Hi from Plymouth

    Welcome to the forum ?
  10. Andrew1971

    have you seen this man?

    Shaven !!!
  11. Andrew1971

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Camshaft to keep drive end in place !!
  12. Andrew1971

    CL Stickers

    Hi All What's happening about the stickers then. Andrew
  13. Andrew1971


    Hello welcome to the forum ?
  14. Andrew1971

    Lupo picture thread

    Hi nice lupo you have . What went wrong
  15. Andrew1971

    Hello from walsall westmidlands

    Me to ??
  16. Andrew1971

    Hello from Bristol uk

    Hi Pinz Welcome to the forum ??
  17. Andrew1971

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Yes so who is the oldest. Hmmmm
  18. Andrew1971

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Hairy Pie ??
  19. Andrew1971

    Cherry’s Fresco

    i am 47 what does that make me.
  20. Andrew1971

    Wiring diagram? interior light

    My SDI interior light is also the same it's a nice little feature. Andrew
  21. Andrew1971

    Broken instrument cluster

    Are you sure it's not a fuse that's blown And which lupo do you have.
  22. Andrew1971

    New Member - LUPO GTI WANTED

    Hello Preatonese Welcome to the forum Andrew
  23. Andrew1971

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Hi Oprn Welcome to the forum Andrew
  24. Andrew1971

    New member

    Hello RaveyDavey Welcome the forum Andrew
  25. Andrew1971


    Hi ZoBoe Welcome to the forum. Where about in north Yorkshire are you. Andrew

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