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  1. Nigel_mopar

    1.7sdi 2004 Lupo breaking 84k miles

    Ok will check later . Cheers
  2. Nigel_mopar

    1.7sdi 2004 Lupo breaking 84k miles

  3. Nigel_mopar

    1.7sdi 2004 Lupo breaking 84k miles

    I have a complete Lupo 1.7 sdi Lupo breaking . Everything is available from a fuse to a shell. engine code AKU complete engine or can do parts and ancillaries desperate gearbox code FFV colour black l041 electric windows and mirrors located north notts
  4. Nigel_mopar

    1.7 SDI gearbox needed

    I have an sdi parts car with 82k on that has good gearbox. Still in car and starts and drives .£125
  5. Nigel_mopar

    Multi Lupo owner newbie

    Joining as have 3 Lupo car and may need info and parts and may have parts spare. daily is a 1.7 sdi with 32k miles yes only 42k on baby g wheels . next is project 1.4 sport having a 1.8t engine and box out my old golf remapped to @195bhp. In progress and eating money. 3rd is a 1.7sdi parts car...many unwanted spares on this one.

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