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Need new Tyres any recommendations?!

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Hi there guys & girls u have a Lupo TDI with the original 14" sport alloy wheels fitted the tyres are 185 / 55 R14 can anyone recommend any particular brand that are good & any that are good for fuel economy ?

Also Best place to but tyres from ?

Cheer all

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That's one of the reasons I rated the Conti's; they were ace in the wet as well as the dry. What size are your GSD3's though as I didn't think they acme in 185/55/14?

I currently have Yokohama S Drives for summer and Vredestein Snowtracs for winter. I wanted ContiWinterContacts but couldn't get any. And the summer tyres had to have rim protection so the PremiumContacts were out this time. Next time I'll probably go back to the Conti's.

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Oops sorry forgot about the 185/55/14 I have 15's. You could always get some of that gator tape or whatever its called.

The vred sportracs are decent too but I had the ultrac ssensta and they where decent but way to soft in the sense the wore very very quickly.

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All tyres now because of EU regs need to have like a mini EPC, so sound economy etc.

Check out mytyres.co.uk got all "EPC"'s next to them.

I generally would only go with Bridgestone, Michelin, Kumho, Dunlop. Don't trust the cheapos

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