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lupo 1.7 s sdi


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We're talking a minority of individuals. They're only common faults in the sense that they come up more often than others, but look at how many there are on here. Not ridiculous numbers, and there's thousands of Lupo SDI about.

Sometimes it's pot luck. You could get someone putting 200,000 miles on an original gearbox (maybe motorway usage) whereas others may have theirs pack up after 70,000 miles. There is certainly a wear factor but to me there's a big luck factor. Also service it correctly.

Don't worry yourself. I assume you checked the gear box when you got it?

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To be quite honest, I've never known a peddle box or gearbox go on a SDI if it's been well looked after (ie. not thrashed about). Of the 5 years i've had mine now, apart from the usual wear and tear bits -replacing the exhaust, wishbones, cambelt, aux belt, things that need renewing after a point regardless -the only thing that has properly gone without notice was the PAS pump earlier this year, and didn't take much to sort. For it's last four MOTs it's sailed through. :)

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oh yeah I checked the car over thoroughly when I got it, and only having 82k on the clock, with only 3 previous owners with one of them being a granny, it hasnt been thrashed at all, so by the sounds of things I shouldn't be worrying about the problems!

I should start upgrading stuff then! woo

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