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Lupo seems quicker than it should...

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This morning I bought a blue 1.4e Lupo. I knew the 16v would be a bit lively, however I have driven an Ibiza sport with the same engine and it seems so flat in comparison to this, definitely not standard (apart from the induction kit). So, I'd like to know if anyone knows who this car belonged to, what they did to it and possibly why they sold it. It was bought in Nottingham, and has been in this general area from new I assume:





First 3 letters of the Reg are T68, it has a brand new throttle body and a BMC CDA induction kit and I think FK's all round (probably wrong)

Anyway, Im in love with it and havent even picked it up yet.


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It probably isn't the AUB then, ideas on which one it is supposed to be? The only engine code I'm 100% sure on is the ABF in my mk3 Golf.

Its definitely not supercharged, more likely the Nurburgring sticker on the back is making it quicker...

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That looks like an Arosa engine cover to me...Arosa sport engine perhaps?

Though tbf I thought my S was pretty nippy, they weigh bugger all.

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Actually that could just be the earlier font, 6n valvers are the same. There is the curious lack of VW badge though so I may have stumbled across the answer :lol:

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