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  1. The Pump House, Liverpool, Albert Dock.
  2. My lupo also had a very heavy clutch, yesterday we removed the gearbox and fitted a new clutch. Once we had the old clutch plate out we were a bit miffed as there was loads of meat left on the clutch and the pressure plate and flywheel also looked good. We decided to fit the new clutch plate, pressure plate and thrust bearing anyway, didn't see any point in putting the old one back in after all the work we had done. On reassembly and first try of the pedal it was super light! The difference was incredible, I would recommend that you change your clutch to solve your heavy clutch issue.
  3. Rebuild done, new pistons, rings, big ends, bores honed, head skimmed and valve guides and stem seals done, drives like new! Well it is new lol. Passed an MOT too.
  4. We used 75-90 synthetic gear oil in our Lupo I was told it is ok to use. synthetic, semi synthetic or mineral oils as long as they are not mixed together in use.
  5. my Lupo failed on Monday, emissions similar to yours, cataclean added to quarter of a tank of petrol, then off for a thrash. Used the fuel and called back for my re test, emissions the same, however if the throttle was held at 2500 rpm a steady plume of blue smoke was present, needless to say failed! My car is now booked for new rings, or more like a full recondition at CMA in Sandycroft next week. 1.4 16valve with 121000 miles on it.
  6. These Lupo's are an expensive hobby! So far after the initial outlay to buy the car we have done all the brakes, in addition to this we have had the four wheel alignment done as the nearside front camber was way off and eating the tyre, this also included the tracking. The only thing we couldn't do is adjust the castor angle of the front wheels, I believe there is a way to do it but means loosening the subframe and levering it forwards, does anybody know if this is the way to go? Final purchase will be an original air box on Saturday.
  7. All brakes changed and a slave cylinder on the rear near side, brake are super sharp now, the secret is to adjust the drums up really close, my handbrake only lifts three clicks now and the foot brake is really good. As you say though, if you don't know what you are doing you should get somebody to do the work for you.
  8. This thread might be of help. How different can a GTi be? http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/43238-how-to-fit-a-bmc-cda-to-a-75hp-14-16v/
  9. OK, I have had the Lupo a week and today we changed all the brakes with my Dad, we started with the rear drums which are quite fiddly but got everything fitted easy enough, new shoes, a new slave cylinder and some new drums too, we adjusted them manually as the self adjuster wasn't very good, done it now though with three clicks on the handbrake and a good feel to the brake pedal. Moving on to the front pads and discs, this is where the fun really began, whoever owned the car before, or whoever they got to change the pads last time was knucking fob! It took us an age to remove the slide studs
  10. Thanks GTIChris, I will get measured up tomorrow when I am fitting the brakes and get some ordered. Thanks Arosa.Al, I have replied to your PM, kind offer.
  11. I have been having a poke around the Lupo and now know it needs pads, discs, drums and shoes! Not too bog a job but what I did notice when I took the rear wheels off is that the hole in the centre of the wheel is much bigger than the hub it should sit on, so all the weight is taken on the wheel bolts, does anybody know if there should be a spacer inside the wheel to make it fit the hub better? I am also changing all fluids this weekend and checking cambelt condition too.
  12. Well, I was so eager I picked it up this evening! It's home and outside. Very happy lupo owner
  13. Bloody hell. What have I bought! I pick it up tomorrow, hopefully I can get the details of the last owner and ask him what this has
  14. Thanks guys Plans are just to run it and keep it tidy for now, sort out any little problems then possibly a wrap, who knows!
  15. It probably isn't the AUB then, ideas on which one it is supposed to be? The only engine code I'm 100% sure on is the ABF in my mk3 Golf. Its definitely not supercharged, more likely the Nurburgring sticker on the back is making it quicker...
  16. This morning I bought a blue 1.4e Lupo. I knew the 16v would be a bit lively, however I have driven an Ibiza sport with the same engine and it seems so flat in comparison to this, definitely not standard (apart from the induction kit). So, I'd like to know if anyone knows who this car belonged to, what they did to it and possibly why they sold it. It was bought in Nottingham, and has been in this general area from new I assume: First 3 letters of the Reg are T68, it has a brand new throttle body and a BMC CDA induction kit and I think FK's all round (probably wrong) Anyway, Im in lov
  17. Hello! Been today all the way to Nottingham from St Helens to look at a Lupo, and, well, I bought it! I'm fairly mechanically handy but no idea what to look at with my lupo. Plan to spend some time looking through this forum and learning what I can about my new prized possession. Here she is: Liam
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