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Wiring up sub & amp questions.

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Haven't found an ideal place to ask questions about wiring up subs and amps, so thought id start one!

Post your questions here and hopefully people will share some usefull information to help everyone who's stuck!

My first question...

Iv got 2 jbl subs think there 400rms and 1200wt peak each.

i Have a 1400wt juce amplifier

Iv ran the ground wire to the boot catch metal thing, by un bolting the bracket raming the wire in the hole and then re tightening

:) seemed to do the job, anyone elsse done this or is it wrong haha?

I then ran the live to the battery ...

Ran the remote wire to the back of my head unit, (couldnt find where to plug it in but found a red wire coming of the loom with a little cap like thing over it. so i took clipped the cap off and crimped my remote wire to it. Is this okay?)

I then wired 1 of the subs positive and negative to the positive and negative on channel 1 on the amp. I did this for the next sub.

I tested the subs but only a quite sound was coming from them lol. No mad base -.-

How have i gone wrong? do i need to bridge the subs with a wire as,other than positive and negative there was also other terminals i could wire to on them?

Cant seem to get my head aroudn it so if someone can enlighten me please would muchly be appreciated!

Covered most of the things when wiring up a sub&amp so if i work it out then should be a decent step by step


Thanks guys !

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I also have problems with wiring my sub and amp getting terrible earth everywhere pulled off the C pillar at one point to get inside the car and earth there but my remote doesn't seem to be activating my sub think I have a short somewhere in my car as have had to constant live wire my HU as my ignition live isn't working.... :/ ughk

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The remote wire should connect to a blue wire on the loom... If you read your manual it will contain a wiring diagram :) connected to the red I believe will be telling the amp to stay on.

Also bit of a dumb suggestion but have you played with the settings on the HU and amp?

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Have to ask you have ran RCA cable to your headunit sub pre-out?

I would re check all your setting are set to on your amp as sounds like your EQ Low pass not configured correctly either amp or headunit...

Make sure your ground wire is fitted well as this is usually over looked using good quality cable and make sure you grind the paint back before installing earth to the rear seatbelt as pore grounds equals pore sounding install :(

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