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Very vague feeling gear change

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My car is a 2002 Lupo 1.7 SDI, done around 116k miles, so it's getting on...

The car has had a second-hand gearbox fitted last year (this box had done ~50k), and had a new clutch fitted just after that.

Basically, when moving the gear stick while driving, there is absolutely no feel for when the gear engages. It's like the gear stick is pretty much loose, and there is no resistance when moving it into place. In contrast, my brother's brand new polo has a very nice feel when the gear stick pops into place.

However, all of my gears do engage and the car drives ok. The clutch seems fine, although it also feels very vague, and it's very difficult to feel for the bite point. There is no resistance at all when depressing and releasing the clutch, even though it is working.

I want to believe that something below the gear stick is worn out, but I'm really not sure. Any advice would be great!



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You could look into the bushings for the gear selector? Mines on 80k, i bought it at 65k and it felt the same then. its just the way they are. My mates old 1.0 lupo was the same too. Must be the linkage design.

my clutch is the same too. could adjust the cable.

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