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  1. Excellent, thanks for the advice. I should have come here in the first place instead of wasting time on google and ebay Ta
  2. Hello, I need a new window winder for my Lupo, but after over an hour of searching I have found nothing. Plenty of Golf ones, but none is the same as the original ones in my car. I've taken photos of the passenger side one which is fine, and I've removed the driver side one. The knob at the end kept coming off, and it's now lost which is why I need a new one. I have found loads on ebay, but they are all different to my one and so I'm unsure if they'll fit. Any help about where I can find one, or whether or not other types will fit would be brilliant! Cheers, Graham
  3. Hi! My car is a 2002 Lupo 1.7 SDI, done around 116k miles, so it's getting on... The car has had a second-hand gearbox fitted last year (this box had done ~50k), and had a new clutch fitted just after that. Basically, when moving the gear stick while driving, there is absolutely no feel for when the gear engages. It's like the gear stick is pretty much loose, and there is no resistance when moving it into place. In contrast, my brother's brand new polo has a very nice feel when the gear stick pops into place. However, all of my gears do engage and the car drives ok. The clutch seems fine, although it also feels very vague, and it's very difficult to feel for the bite point. There is no resistance at all when depressing and releasing the clutch, even though it is working. I want to believe that something below the gear stick is worn out, but I'm really not sure. Any advice would be great! Ta, Graham
  4. Thanks for the info, ended up needing a centre section and end section on the exhaust. Pretty expensive....but just one of those things I suppose. Cheers
  5. Hi everyone, Yesterday when my brother was driving our Lupo, the exhaust noise changed. It's become very low, and rumbly, and more bassy and deeper. It must be something to do with the exhaust, and I've had a quick look and it has quite a few rusty patches, all over the exhaust system. I think it's at the back box that the noise is loudest. I don't have any way of lifting the car so I can't tell exactly where it is. So I presume it'll be a trip to the garage followed by a bill for a new exhaust part? I'm after some more information on what it could be just so I'm not clueless to the men at the garage. They might try to sell me a whole exhaust or something. Is there anything I can do to identify the problem? And is it likely to be a big garage bill? Sorry for my naiveness Thanks for any advice!
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