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Vincent the Lupo

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Owned my Lupo for nearly a month now, gone from driving a Volvo V70 (beast) to Vincent, my little Lupo. :thumbsup:

I have to say, it's fun being able to take corners at speed again :swerve:

Few wear and tear marks, but generally looking alright!









My brother testing the suspension



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Any plans :)?

Umm, wheels or headunit next, I think.

Wheels I'm thinking maybe some oz's similar, something to keep it looking simple and a little lower maintenance. I do love BBS's, but I feel like they're a little overdone at the moment.

Also need to fill in the stone chips on the bonnet.

It is lowered by about 40mm, not keen on going lower as it's a daily, plus the parking by my house is a weird curb setup, and I can only just reverse up it. Forwards is a no no, already watched my neighbour destroy her valance!

This is the curb of doom with a Mitsubishi truck parked over it. Not a problem for him!


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Nice dude! Where abouts in Herts are you???

St. Albans :)

you let your brother climb all over your car.....

To be honest, he planted his hands but cleared it both times although the first pic does look like he's trampling on it

Looks like it's in good nick.

On the topic of the curb, diy some wooden ramps up. Might take longer getting in and out but, least you'll be able to go low lol.

I would, except the whole bay is about 50m long and I can never guarantee which bit I can park on which is annoying!

Also the speed humps round here are lethal. I've seen standard height cars get beached :P

I'll consider it, but for now I'm happy where it is!

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