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Scam or what?


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I enquired about a mk4 golf gt tdi 150 on autotrader via email:


The car has done 68k and looks in great condition. When I enquired via email I got this reply:


I still got the 2002 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GT TDI BLACK for sale at the price of £1000. The car is in excellent condition, garage kept and accident free. The mileage is real and I never had any problems with the engine. The car looks and works just perfect. I bought it from UK and it is still registered here. We live in the Northern part of United Kingdom, in a beautiful sea-side city called Thurso.

We are a nice couple of pensioners (I have 64 and my beloved wife is 63 years old) and don't use the car so often. We love to spend our time on the road but now we use to travel by plane, so a car is no more useful for us. Also we sold our house and bought a big farm here in Thurso. If you are really interested we are ready to make a trip to England and meet you personally. You can take the car for a test-drive and any kind of inspection.

Please tell us where do you live? I am sure that we will find a nice city in England to arrange a meeting, a region acceptable for us and for you in the same time. We have the faith that this can be a good deal!

P.S. I appreciate if we can continue our conversation by e-mail. The mobile signal is poor here, we have to walk over 2 miles for a good phone call.

Thank you and let me know,


What the actual feck is that? :lol:

Anyone shed some light or am I being narrow minded? :coffee:


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Clearly a scam.

Bait them

Will do.

Have replied with the following:

I live in buckinghamshire, my postcode begins with HP18. I am genuinely interested and will pay the asking price if the car is as described.



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I wonder what the scam is, you paying for them to fly over maybe? Doesnt seem to be heading the usual 'send money to my shippin agent' type

Strange one :S

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