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Nice Lupo?


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Pffft, scene is reem. Audi rims on a lowered VW ain't OEM+ and that's what scene seems to be these days. Don't fit in, then you're a mong.

I saw a 205 last week with Saxo VTR wheels on it. That looked OEM+ Really, it did.

Mind you, the rear wiper arm had snapped off and it had a smashed offside headlamp, so maybe it was Rat Look.

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I hate the word and was dismayed when that crappy programme won a BAFTA, but it fitted in with my poetic rant ;)

It won a bafta?! :blink:

Haha.. it's okay, me and a mate have a running joke of him reeming his missus.. i dont know if means that but it's funny to me :D

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