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after looking at a few lupos i have noticed the hazard button in the middle of the dash between the air vents,now mine is under the dash on the removable buttons section,ive seen a car identical to mine same reg,same model and even that car has the hazard button there! whats happening :rolleyes:

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Around 2000 - I believe when the GTI hit production.

Other changes were made at the same time, e.g. aerial moved forward.

ahh so even though were the same reg his car is newer,would explain it though being an x reg,its so much neater imo aswell! dash upgrade!

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lmao. So was the one under the DIN first? or the one on the dash between the vents? thats what i meant.lol

The switch was originally low down (beside the heated rear window switch I think) , it was moved to the top of the dash about mid 2000.

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So what came first? The Chicken or the Egg???lol

The chicken obviously.

Have you never read Darwin's 'on the Origin of Species by means of natural selection' ?

Something evolved into the chicken before it laid it's first egg. - Some believe it was the T-Rex that became the chicken! lol

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Some of the 99's have no air bag in the steering wheel, no power steering either! Just like an Arosa of the same year.

They look weird though because theres so few without an air bag.

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