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  1. There was a "55 laser blue on autotrader about 12 months ago for £8999 was this yours? Uber rare!
  2. I had one just like that, thought it was a much better car than the Arosas and Lupo's I have owned! Shame i stacked it into a headge!!! Well priced that one
  3. Set of 4 exterior door trims for Loop or Arosa in textured black brand new in packet never opened. Ideal if you have removed yours and its left a nasty paint fade line!!! I know how hard they are re apply once off! Or if you have an Arosa which dont come with them as standard £20 delivered
  4. Hey, looking at buying a GTI, this one has climatronic and sunroof, must be a super rare one? Would it be an import as i have never seen climate control on a UK loop before? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2004-VOLKSWAGEN-LUPO-GTI-SILVER-/150513865652?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item230b5353b4
  5. To be fair, thats a Cat C all the way mate, suspension, wing, door, sill, I reckon your looking at a 2k bill easy. Hope all your mods are covered as the insurance assessor wont like that!
  6. I think its a cool colour, very few about.
  7. My old Arosa did this. Needed a new cat in the end due to burning oil. Not long after that the piston rings fried anyway so it was a waste of time in the end!
  8. Did mine last week for first time, was very easy but all the bolts were quite heavily rusted so had plenty of hassle getting them off! It took me about 45 mins to do the backs and about 1.5 hours on the fronts. If the bolts were easy i reckon i could have done the lot in 1.5 hours.
  9. Some of the 99's have no air bag in the steering wheel, no power steering either! Just like an Arosa of the same year. They look weird though because theres so few without an air bag.
  10. VIC check = minimum Cat C right off so sounds well fishy to me! Oddly it looks in the one pic like the rear arches are GTI, they look rounded ? weird Also why do young kids always say that "An old lady bumped it" Rubbish, he was chavving it around mcdonalds car park, 2 trays under the rear wheels with the handbrake on and lost it mowing down a bin full of big mac cartons!
  11. I'd like to add a check for the wiper switch/lever. These are popular to start sticking, when flicking the wipers on they sometimes get stuck across the screen. If yours does this then its the switch. Sometimes a lot of people notice a burning smell and/or smoke coming from the steering column, ist the switch arcing. Also a popular fault with the polos of the same age.
  12. Mine did this, I just popped the bonnet and tighted the bolt on the spindle. You have to pop the cap off first to get to the bolt
  13. I cant believe vw never sorted this problem, its been the same issue since the mk1 golf! I've had this exact problem with my Arosa, an ibiza, my moms mk5 polo and my sisters early mk1 Leon. forcing it during this cold weather is what really kills it though, my current lupo has been frozen every day this last week and I use a "hot key" off ebay to warm it before trying to open it.
  14. Mine was doing the same yesterday but after the sun defrosted it, the light stopped. I can only assume it was a bit damp in the mech and it had frozen.
  15. I'm 26, had my license 2 years, got 1 years no claims and insure my 1.4s for £206 fully comp with husband as named driver, dont need a GTI, use his Audi when i want to drive something decent!.........until i scuff the wheel, then i'm stuffed!!
  16. Personally, i wouldnt buy one so young. Stick with something low to insure for a couple of years, get a sport and save some cash up until the insurance comes down. It would make me sick paying that so insure a car.
  17. Ahh! I used to live in Cavendish Road, Beechdale! how weird! My sister has an orange vw camper on the drive now :-)
  18. Strange, you replied ot my post twice in the same thread?! lol Did it today, reckon 10 minutes for an amateur! Did it in 5 max! Cheers for the info from ebay, got it off him, delivered in 2 days, 5 mins to fit, jobs a good un!
  19. spot on, did mine today too, got one off a mk4 golf, took all of 5 minutes start to finish!
  20. I've seen it too, in Sainsburys petrol station on the Beechdale and also ripping through Rushall by McDonalds! ;-) I reversed my loop into a post last week so looking for somewhere to get it painted, my husband went mad! My dad says he knows a place in Pelsall thats good, can I ask where yours is being painted?
  21. Thanks for that! I assume this resistor is a common part then if they are the same on mk4 golfs?
  22. Guys, my heaters stopped working on the number 1 and number 2 settings. its annoying because 3 sounds loud so i cant hear the radio! I like to keep it on 1 or 2 during the winter to keep the windows clear. I read on here that you need to replace the controls and i also read that its the resistor? Which is more likely/easiest/cheapeest to replace? Thanks
  23. Midland vw are sound, never charged me for vag com on any of my dubs, also 5th gear failing is a really common problem. My old Ibiza made some funny noises and 5th gear just disapeared. Exactly the same happened on my mk1 Arosa! Years ago I lost 3rd on a mk2 golf. Its not uncommon and dont think you have been ripped off at all. The box is known to be a problem in most polo/ibiza/cordobas/lupos of the late 90's. As you can tell I have plenty of experience of this sort of crap happening and my Arosa ended up and an old guys place who had been rebuilding them for 30 years. He said the problem is
  24. Wow, some bad looking cars there! In case anyone was interested, Beetles in V5 Sport trim and also those fitted with the votex bodykit use Lupo indicators in the front.
  25. I have the receipt for my 1.4s for £10,250, sounds really expensive for 8 years ago considering my moms just picked up a brand new swift (with much better spec) for 8k 10250 included options of mudflaps mats pop out rear windows Sound upgrade (i assume cd player) bulb kit....WTF!?
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