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Broken door lock

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The drivers door lock has broken on my daughters 2001 Lupo.

From the feel of it, it will need replacing. It is a non central locking car.

Where should I get a lock from and can I get it matched to the rest of the locks and keep using only one key.

Also are new locks easy to fit?

Many thanks

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im sur you have already cancelled out this possibility but there was a few comments on here saying that they couldnt unlock there car because the barrel had frozen up.

would be nice if it was this! id imagine you would have to go to VW otherwise.

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Is the key/barrel just going round?

Probably need one of these.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-LUPO-FRONT-DOOR-LOCK-REPAIR-KIT_W0QQitemZ310128074171QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item483512ddbb

You need to open the door from the inside I guess, in the side of the door by the handle, there is a plastic plug, remove that, slacken the screw inside about 3-5 turns with a T20 socket/screw driver, then the lock barrel pulls out...

That will allow you to see if the drive peg is broken.

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When i got my car it had a separate key to get in the drivers door and then another key to the ignition, (which did pass door, boot,filler cap)

so it had had a replacment in its life.

so i swapped the barrel from the pass door, now coz it was a pattern part it was slightly differant to the oem, so i had to swap all the gubbins

from lock to lock to make it work in the drivers door, but being a messer its all working so one key does all but pass door.

lock removal, open your door and look in the jam for a gromet,in line with the back of the lock, take out, look in the hole you'll see a torx head (cant member the size).

with your door handle pulled out with one hand un-do the screw with the other (or have someone to pull it/hold out)

the screw will come to an end and then just spin, it stays there in a clip, dont try and take it out or youll probly mess up and it'll fall in the door.

you can use the key in the lock to pull it out, barrel as well, or just firm grip and pull.

once out let go of the handle now.

the coloured cap pulls off and key out.

when putting the new one in or the other side one make sure the handle gets pulled out again.


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I cant believe vw never sorted this problem, its been the same issue since the mk1 golf! I've had this exact problem with my Arosa, an ibiza, my moms mk5 polo and my sisters early mk1 Leon.

forcing it during this cold weather is what really kills it though, my current lupo has been frozen every day this last week and I use a "hot key" off ebay to warm it before trying to open it.

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