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Good evening, I have for sale a SDI lupo on an 02 plate.

two owners, 

1 owner 65,000 full service history.

My daily driver last 4 years currently on 115,000.

Serviced regularly.

Not going to win any beauty competition,but an honest work horse 

Any idea on price please?

Many thanks 


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The SDI is a no-frills basic transport car. That's it.

I've recently been offered £1800 for one of mine (a local MOT tester), but I have seen some up on Ebay for around 1k. Depends on interior condition (critical) and obviously any rust. I'm not selling!

And anyone looking for one of these already knows the amazing low maintenance reliability and fuel economy, which is probably why they're looking... I've slowed down to around 60 on long runs to save even more fuel and my milage is now in the low 90's (mpg). Almost free motoring with no depreciation. 👍🏻 :) The difference in running costs over 3 years between an SDI and a regular car pays for the car.


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Thank you ,I have had mine for 4 years and fully appreciate the car .

Due to a company car coming I sadly need to move mine on .

It is rough around the interior and outside but mechanically sound with a recent mot and new exhaust.

In your opinion what would the car be worth?

Thank you for your time in replying.


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Any photos? I paid £800 for mine but it wasn't in the best exterior condition and had a few minor interior defects. A couple on eBay over the last year sold for around £700-900.  I also think it depends whether it's the £30 tax year (Y reg and later). Pre March 2001 unfortunatley and the yearly tax will be £295! That's nearly half/third of the value of the car... I think you could get £1k for a reasonable condition one with history, maybe £1500 if it was really decent condition with good recent service history etc. They simply aren't as desirable as the TDIs though. Bargain motoring though like mk2 says... I'm keeping mine 'til it truly dies or an ULEZ expansion gets it.

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Thank you for replying, it is well  used but very well maintained.

02 plate -£30 a year 

Thanks again for replying as I will look to put on eBay and see what comes.



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