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Lupo 3L rear springs advice please


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Hi all, I’m a new member, I have a Lupo 3L with a manual conversion. I’m English but living in Holland and my Lupo has 340,000 kilometers under its belt! It is a fantastic little car and ultra reliable. 

My question is… 

The rear suspension is tired, if I have two people in the car and work gear or just three people it “bottoms out” on dips in the road and speed bumps (not due to going fast). 
I want to replace the springs and shockers but don’t want to change the standard ride height. Can I fit 1.4 diesel springs and shockers to beef up the suspension? Or will it ride too high as the body is too light without a decent load onboard? Will they even fit? I know the car shares little component with other lupos. 

Thank you for any help 



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That's normal... if you have more than about 120kg in the back, the suspension bottoms out on bumpy roads. The rear spring rates are about the same in all models, only the ride height is different.

I've also looked at higher rate springs to reduce that, but the problem is it would change the handling characteristics of the car a lot when unloaded. If the rear suspension is much harder, there is a tendancy for the back to slide more when cornering. Changing the shocks to suit the new coils doesn't help either, as when the car is empty there's not enough inertia to keep the car from bouncing. Expensive air suspension is a solution which @Pete has proven works well 👍🏻

Welcome to club lupo :)


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Thank you for your detailed reply. 
I thought the other Lupo variants would have had slightly beefier springs but if not then I’ll order new ones and see if my old ones are just tired. The problem has got worse in the last 6 months. 

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On 11/25/2021 at 8:55 AM, mk2 said:

Expensive air suspension is a solution which @Pete has proven works well 👍🏻

Tbf I dunno if it’s that expensive anymore! It’s all old hat tech now, mine has gone back to good old fashioned coilovers!

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23 hours ago, mk2 said:

@Pete r u selling your air suspension setup....? Still really expensive though.

I’ve only got the v2 management left, but that’s the expensive bit!🙄

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