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GTI Battery Issues and Battery Replacement - Advice please!

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Hi All,

My lupo GTI has been parked up over the winter months, as expected when trying to start it again the battery is flat 😁

I tried a jump pack which failed, I tried jumping it off my golf r32 which failed - radio comes on, central locking works etc etc, just a very slow turnover and not enough to bring her back to life! The battery is a halfords battery and approx 5 years old, the indicator on the battery says 'recharge' however I think I will just go ahead and get a new battery.

Is there any recommendation on the best battery for the lupo GTI and also any fitting tips? Does the boot carpet come fully out or just lift up? My local halfords and also the RAC offer a free fitting service but being honest I do not want anyone really touching the car, if anyone is going to break something/get the fitting wrong I would prefer it to be me 😆

Sorry if this seems an obvious thread, just want to ensure I get the battery fitting correct and avoid breaking anything! 

Thanks for your help

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Not sure if boot carpet comes out I wedged it up while fitting Bosch S4 005 which is fine but is wedged in with a wood block.Next time I’d get one that sits fully in the tray.

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No need to take the boot carpet out and really easy to remove/reinstall, must have done it half a dozen times at least no bother. The Fox on the other hand...

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