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driveshaft or cv joint?

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Hi, I run my sdi very low on 13s. A few weeks back I started hearing a noise from the front end. Jacking up the car showed a tear in the near side outer cv boot.

Driving over a low speed bump yesterday something went. The car still drives but I'm now hearing an even louder noise when moving in gear.

The rip in the boot is no worse today.

How could I tell what part is failing?

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Broken spring? ARB bush? Ball joint? Wishbone rear bush? Something rubbing on drive shaft? Could be anything at all. Time to get under and have a close inspection... :) Exciting times! You never know what you'll find.

Let us kniw when you do find it.


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I have a suspect n/s driveshaft issue on my very low 1.0. 

I get a very rhythmic thumping that is 100% rotational. If I had to guess I would say mine is the inner joint. 

The box will be coming out while it's hibernating and be replaced with a reconditioned unit. At that point the driveshafts will be changed too. Should put an end to it making noises.

The only way you can tell what bit has failed is to check for play in the joints, removal of the driveshaft is easy as pie so shouldn't cause headaches .... unless the cup has come loose from the gearbox of course.

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