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Not 'new' but 1st post - my 1999 Lupo 1.0

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So this is what I've got to show off. 56,000 miles since '99, learning to drive in it as its my first car and I've gotta say I'm enjoying having it. £700 was the cost.

I can't believe how much of a step-up in quality it feels compared to, say, an equivalent Ka/Saxo/other city car than probably a Smart, to say its in banger exterior shape and for banger money it feels proper. 


Done a few jobs on it - wheel nuts, MOT repairs - but there's a couple of things still wrong. Bumped it into a hedge so there's slight front bumper damage and I wish it was wind-up not electric windows (persistent issues). Other than that... loving the thing.


This forum's been a major help, btw. I'd still have a wrong clock if I didn't use Club Lupo!


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Nice colour too. Yeah older vdubs were built to a higher standard than they are today. Now built to a price and harmonised road rules... If I went for a brand new car, it's probably be Toyota or Nissan these days.

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