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Lupo Gti Front Struts, what's the difference?

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Hi Folks

I keep seeing different part No's etc for Lupo Gti front struts/shock absorbers. What's different, and are  Gti struts a straight swap with other Lupo struts?



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Yes, interchangeable as are springs. Diff part no's likely for higher damper rating

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I know the AP coilovers for the GTI are different as they have elongated holes where they bolt to the hub to help adjust the camber, the non-GTI versions don't

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Thanks Folks

That is kind of what I thought. I'm looking at using Bilstein B8's and the GTi ones are quite a bit more expensive, strangely!

I know lots of the coilovers are cheaper, but I don't need to run the car lowered as the roads round here are fffffked and changing  1.8t sumps is dull.

Also I'm unsure of the damping quality till I have spent as much as the Bilsteins!




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