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Lupo into arosa seat swap help!

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Have just managed to get hold of a set of lupo seats to swap into an arosa.

Backs went in fine but the fronts have a different anchor point. On the original arosa seats they had slider at the rear of the seats and a monorail at the front. The lupo seats have rollers at the rears and a sturdier rail that has a mounting on the front that is held by two bolts. 

How can I get these seats to fit into the arosa? I can maybe get the rollers into the tracks but the front fixing will need some sort of modification. Maybe a couple of steel right angle brackets might help 

Has anyone experienced this before on what should be a straight swap?? Image below is what I have on the arosa and image at bottom is what is on the new seat. 



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28 minutes ago, weslangdon said:

Don't know the answer to this problem but the best seats to swap to are Arosa Sport seats, much better than anything the Lupo's have inc GTI seats

Thanks, got round it in the end by swapping the seat fabrics to the old frames but made use of the new back rests. Only issue there is the tilt release lever is in a different place. So I cut a hole for the lever and covered both with some fabric I had left over from the parcel shelf I made. Overall I'm pleased as they now look the part and give the car a whole new look inside. Painted the door cards and handles too. (Bottom pic shows seat before the cover up patch was added)





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You could have used an iron on patch like this (i always make a feature of some annoying thing like that cut out):


Looks really good though. I'm going to have to try out the arosa seats that @weslangdon keeps going on about. There's a sport in our local breakers right now. What's different about the arosa seat compared to the lupo type? Is it the frame or the foam padding, or maybe even both (i mean the seat shape, not the mounting system)? I still reckon mk2 golf seats are still the most comfy.... loads of people have said the same. A mk2 is not that comfy so they made up for it with the perfect seat contour. Worst are mk4s'.

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The back padding is identical apart from the lupo being foam and the Arosa being a heavier denser plasticised weave stuff. But the Arosa base foam is thinner but contoured to the seat frame so I used the old foam base and the lupo foam back. The lupo has two wires holding the lining width ways on the base whereas the Arosa only has one. I thought about cutting a channel into the foam and putting a second wire in but in the end I took the wire out of the seat fabric so it retains just one. Headrest mountings were different too. Arosa had larger diameter square pegs whereas the lupo has thinner round ones. Luckily they fitted into the square holes and hold in pretty well actually. 

Thanks for the link, didn't even know you could get iron on patches

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