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Lupo 1.4 16V AHW problem.

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On my car is LPG injection, it has it's own ecu, separate map sensor and even has the lambda connected to it to make minor changes to the mixture. Still have to correct it for bigger changes but didn't see a timing control in the software. Because if it's running of the ECU map for timing and i have a feeling it's in limp mode because of the missing camshaft sensor it threw a code for it, no check engine light so far. Weird though why they decided to have both camshaft and crankshaft sensors usually one is enough on a simple motor like this.
At the moment it's setup to change over at 30C of the coolant, it should have a temp sensor in the reductor have not really looked into the system that much. 
Just the thought it is a separate programmable ECU kind of like a standalone/piggyback thing. Though i think it's setup to have the fuel pump running because i can hear it when driving on LPG.

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