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  1. I know it can be done, don't know how to tbh, but vag tacho should work fine. I've used the cheap chinese ones before on other cars with immo 1, took the pin out no problem but the cables are not very durable so to say. So this time i just bought the immo box and old key to make life easier. Now have to get ignition timing set but man you can feel the difference car runs great. Hopefully with the 4 branch manifold new exhaust should hit the 140hp mark.
  2. Not sure, vag tacho should work fine for immo 1 and 2, if not vag commander or just de solder the chip and use a programmer to read it. I used the box that was paired with the ECU because it came out cheaper than buying vag tacho :D.
  3. The pin code from the immo box. I was told you could just delete the one in adaptations with VCDS and it would adapt itself have not tried that as i just bought and ECU and immo box from the same car. 99 6n1 plugged straight in. PS: Have to find the plastic covers for the dizzy and cables because it's quite ugly.
  4. Also, immo box, and chip from the newer AFH 6n1, plugs straight in. Or if you have vag tacho take the pin out of the old immo box and then just sync with new ECU. That is for older lupo's with immo 1 and 2.
  5. Update: Car works fine without those connected. A/C works fine, the fan turns on when it hits 94 deg C. All is good. video-1595097154.mp4
  6. Looking at the schematics they both have blower control modules. Ac pins are the same yes was thinking of doing that but again at the schematics they go to different places. I thought it was pretty standard swap? Like every other thread i've seen is "put an AFH in it"
  7. Entirely possible, there are a lot of converted lupos, but seems like it's a big secret. Asked a few people that make up looms here in my country even two of them that have done this exact conversion, they don't want to say. Can't drive the car to the other side of the country to get it sorted out...
  8. Hello evryone, i started swaping over the loom from the polo, pretty much just de pinned the lupo ECU plug and plugged them in the polo ECU plug, only 2-3 needed to be resoldered due to size difference in the pins otherwise everything else fits, but got to a problem. I have no idea how to wire in the A/C it's pins 33 and 35 on the polo ecu plug and pins 8 and 10 on the lupo ECU plug, i only have Autodata and doesn't really help wih information about the signals, checked schematics but wires seem to be going on different places for both cars. Also the engine cooler blower control module
  9. On the dizzy, you can adjust it easy just turn it in the direction you need, but on this you need to remap ecu, it's not hard but you need the right tools, and on this ECU no one wants to spend the time to work it out, because it's not profitable. The compression ratios is the same, but shape of the combustion chamber is different, timings needs to be touched up a bit.
  10. Well the AFH stock injectors are 200cc for the 1.4 now making the engine 1.6 and putting smaller (130cc) doubt it would be able to make up the difference, i will try anyway. Still timing would need touching a bit too. Any ideas for that?
  11. Well what injectors would fit? The original 130cc i think will be way too small, i will try then in the next few days probably anyway. The brand is critical when it's not popular, nobody wants to spend the time looking for all the maps for a lupo 75hp ECU because they will probably never use them again, and will charge a lot more money than the ecumaster det3+ if you find anyone that is willing to spend the time at all...
  12. It's rich on petrol because the lupo ECU is supposed to run with 130cc injectors, now that i have put the afh which are 200cc the times are too long so it throws way too much petrol. Also ECU thinks that is running a 1.4 75hp AHW engine when it is an AFH stroked to 1.6, just needs a remap. And lean on gas have to change injectors and reductor, but not much point since timings need to be adjusted first. I don't want to use the dizzy, but i can't find anyone to remap the shitty Magneti Marelli 4AV IAW ECU that is in the lupo. So that leaves me with a few choices: Run the AFH loom and
  13. You can look it up with vcds - lambda factor. It is really rich. Really didn't want to use the dizzy, but looks like i'm gonna have to. Any way to run the ABS with the afh ecu and loom?
  14. So, quite some time passed can't seem to find a decent mapper here to sort out the fueling, any ideas?
  15. On my car is LPG injection, it has it's own ecu, separate map sensor and even has the lambda connected to it to make minor changes to the mixture. Still have to correct it for bigger changes but didn't see a timing control in the software. Because if it's running of the ECU map for timing and i have a feeling it's in limp mode because of the missing camshaft sensor it threw a code for it, no check engine light so far. Weird though why they decided to have both camshaft and crankshaft sensors usually one is enough on a simple motor like this. At the moment it's setup to change over at 30C of
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