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VW Lupo 1.7 SDI For Sale

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VW Lupo 1.7 SDI For Sale

It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to get rid of my lupo 1.7 sdi with it having failed it’s mot recently.

i’ve been quoted £400 to get it repaired to pass (problems being shock absorbers, and suspension dust covers needing replacing, high labour cost jobs apparently).

I just don’t use the car enough to warrant spending the money, and have neither the time or the skills to sort it out, and would rather it went to a good home and someone else got some use out of it.

Year:        2002 
mileage:    112k miles
colour:        light blue
location:    Didcot
MOT:        recently failed, but old one still valid for a few days (till end of jan 2019).

the good:    in good condition, zero rust anywhere, starts instantly every time. I’ve had this car for 12 years and have not mistreated it in the slightest.

the bad:    needs a damn good clean. Paint peeling off rear bumper. shallow dent in passenger door, windscreen wash system has slow leak, electric windows work but are sometimes temperamental.

Price        £400, but am open to offers














Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 9.34.30 AM.png

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Still for sale.

In the end i decided to spend the money and get this through the MOT.

Current MOT valid to end of jan 2020.

since passing the MOT:

  • the stereo has packed up (i'm assuming it's a fuse as nothing has happened to it).
  • rear brakes have been replaced (due to seizing).
  • mileage still 112k, (have done negligible mileage since MOT).

Price        £800, but am open to offers

thanks for reading.

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I'd be tempted to shop around for quotes or offer to supply the parts required, they're cheap enough on Euro Car Parts, you should be tempted to change the shock absorbers and springs together as coil overs, these will improve look and handling of the car and be easier and simpler to fit, probably as cheap as buying new shockers too. Whatever you do don't scrap the car, at that mileage the engines barely run in

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