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Lupo GTi - 67k (Red 2001 5 speed) - dropped to £4k

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Sadly testing the waters for my Lupo GTi - I love the car but it doesn’t get any use with my other GTi.  

Totally original car, 67k miles, Full Service History, 51 plate 5 speed with cloth. Mileage won’t increase as not in use.

Totally original and unlolested (down to original radio keys), previously family owned for 6 years as a summer toy (doing a few hundred miles a year).

Refurbished wheels with great Toyo tyres and a huge file of service history and receipts as pictured. 

Looking for £4,000 from a Club Lupo member. Open to offers

Located in Worcestershire - MOT till May.

Service book shows the following in addition to a large file or receipts as shown below 

07/02 - 10,856 VW

08/03 - 20,402 VW

11/04 - 26,685 VW

11/05 - 30,463 VW

11/06 - 34,147 VW

10/07 - 37,680 VW

10/08 - 42,364 VW

06/09 - 45,160 VW inc Cambelt

10/09 - 45,990 VW

10/10 - 49,725 VW

10/11 - 51,369 VW

07/12 - 58,421

06/13 - 63,461

05/15 - 64,962 inc Cambelt

05/17 - 66,358

04/18 - 66,447

The bad bits: The car has laquer peel on the two roof drainage channels (only lacquer coat), but no signs of the dreaded roof rail rust. All other paintwork beautiful with no notable scratches/debts/damage/paint  













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On 2/25/2019 at 3:22 PM, T3LLIOTT said:

Any pictures of the lacquer peel?


Sorry for the delay with this. This is the worst bit. The laquer peel is only in the recessed roof rails with the rest of the paint being excellent condition. 


Let me know now if you have any more questions. 


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